How to overcome feeling overwhelmed this holiday season

The end of the year is usually packed full of to-do’s which can be overwhelming. It’s a time when we are juggling social events and holiday plans. Some of us will be working too, and the silly season often doubles the workload!

Overwhelming emotions are tough to deal with. When stressed and anxious it’s easy to feel physically and emotionally overwhelmed. We can cry, feel angry or frustrated, or feel like we can’t cope. Hiding under the bed covers and avoiding responsibilities and tough decisions seems easier.

It’s natural to feel stressed at times. It’s part of life and most of us come across it sometime or another, especially during the holiday season.  But life goes on, and it’s helpful to have some simple techniques up your sleeve. For those moments when you need to re-group.

Common symptoms of overwhelm and what to do:

Feeling very emotional

Feelings of irritability, anger, crying, and withdrawal. These are a few emotional symptoms that show up when we’re feeling overwhelmed.

What you can do: Take some time out by going for a walk in some fresh air. Do some yoga stretches, meditate, and use a supportive/calming phone app. Journal writing can also help.

Increased heart rate, blood pressure and changes to breathing

This could be your adrenaline and cortisol reacting to stress. It’s otherwise known as the ‘fight or flight’ response.

What you can do: Learn some helpful breathing techniques to help you calm down in the moment. For some breathing tips during times of stress, check out this blog.

Difficulty focusing, uncontrollable thoughts, a foggy mind, feeling lightheaded

These are signs of your mind and body working overtime. It’s common to have any (or all) of these symptoms when you feel like you’re drowning in things that need to get done.

What you can do: Write a list of what you need to do. It gives a sense of control and can set your mind at peace. Otherwise, you can worry about remembering what you need to do. Tick your to-do’s off as you go, to help you see that you’re being productive and getting things done.

Wanting to drink alcohol or overeat

It’s so easy to reach for a quick fix to increase your serotonin levels. They make you feel good and distract you from difficult situations. It’s a very short-term sense of relief though and afterward can lead to feeling even more overwhelmed.

What you can do: Exercise is a fantastic way to increase your serotonin levels and distract yourself. It provides you with a lot of physical and mental health benefits. A quick 30-minute workout or walk will do wonders!

BraveFace CoolHead stress relief spray is also a great tool to use for those anxious moments. It can immediately restore your sense of calm, clarity, and focus to help you get on with your day.

CoolHead contains 3 scientifically researched ingredients:

Passionflower: Clinically shown to have anxiolytic effects. It leaves you feeling calm and relaxed.

Gotu Kola: Clinically shown to support concentration and cognitive performance. It leaves you feeling focused and clear-minded.

Manuka Honey: New studies have suggested it has anxiolytic and anti-depressant properties. It leaves you feeling calm in body and mind.

For more information on BraveFace CoolHead and the range, check out braveface.

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