How to choose the right flowers this Valentine’s Day

The season of love is in full swing! We’re fast approaching Valentine’s Day, and florists around Aotearoa are buzzing with gorgeous blooms available for their customers to surprise and delight that special someone this February.

With an array of florals to choose from, it can be difficult to decide. However, you’ll be glad to know that each variety carries its own meaning and sentiment, meaning that your chosen bouquet can convey your love and affection without saying a single word!

With this in mind, the team at Feel Good with Flowers have put together an incredible guide to help you score those extra brownie points and truly delight that special someone this Valentine’s Day.

How to choose the right flowers this Valentine’s Day

Cooper says, “Firstly, think about who your beautiful bloom is being gifted to, remember, Valentines is about celebrating all kinds of love, whether its friends, family, someone you appreciate or your significant other, you can say it without saying a word with flowers”

“These past couple of years have been tough on many, so we’re seeing a lot of people going the extra mile to express gratitude, love and support for their love ones, or to simply brighten someone’s day with a thoughtful gesture. Never underestimate the power of flowers” says Cooper.

So why choose flowers for that special someone? Thai-Anh says “The world of flowers has many gorgeous options that all convey a very special message, love included. You can say virtually anything with flowers! And support an amazing local business at the same time; goodness knows they need our support this year.”

Choosing The Right Flowers

Here are some great tips and ideas when choosing the perfect flowers this Valentine’s Day:


Is there possibly another flower that makes you feel as sunny and bright as a Sunflower? We don’t think so! Sunflowers represent longevity, happiness, adoration and pure love. A great choice for your long-standing partner, best of friends or treasured family member!


Valentine’s Day – Feel Good with Flowers Say it with love, say it with Dahlias. With an intricate mix of petals and stunning colour, it is no wonder the Dahlia represents a lasting bond, commitment and elegance.


There’s a reason that Carnations appear in so many floral arrangements all year round, each bloom sends a slightly different message of love, depending on the colour you choose. Here’s what they mean:

  • Light Red: admiration
  • Dark Red: deep love and affection
  • White: pure love and good luck


This intricate bloom is the perfect way to say thank you! Why? Because they symbolise gratitude for being understood. That makes them the ideal choice for that special someone that really ‘gets’ you. The Hydrangea represents anything that is sincerely heartfelt.


More commonly known as the Peruvian Lily, the delicate Alstro is the perfect pop of colour for your special someone. Representing devotion and support they are the ideal choice for a romantic partner, special friend, or virtually anyone else you love!


Known also as Mums or Chrys’, the classic Chrysanthemum is the ideal Valentines gift. Representing joy and optimism, they are a happy and uplifting gift. Choose them for your true love or your best friend and you’ll have a gorgeously appropriate gift for either!

Support Local This Valentine’s Day

It’s no secret that your local growers and florists have had a tough couple of years when it comes to trade, so there’s never been a better time to support local and get on board.

Valentines is a crucial month for NZ growers and retailers and by showing your love for someone you’re also showing love to your incredible growers, florists and ‘floral economy’ here in Aotearoa. Their blooms are amongst some of the highest quality, fresh and best flowers in the world, buying local means you’re also buying the best.

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