Have your mitts about you – whip together a fresh pair of oven cloths

Photography Amanda Reelick

Fancy a new set of oven mitts to use next time you’re baking? You can make some easily using a woollen blanket and an old towel. Check out your local opshop for thick blankets. I chose this one because I especially loved the retro tag.

To make two mitts you need:

• 1.4 square metres of blanket fabric
• 0.5 square metres of towelling
• Sewing thread to match
• Sewing machine threaded with a thick needle
• Iron and pins

For each mitt you need to cut

• 1 towelling square (25cm x 25cm)
• 2 woollen squares (25cm x 25cm)
• 1 thin strip (15cm x 7cm), to make the loop


Step 1: Take 2 woollen squares and 1 towelling square. Put the woollen and towelling sides you want on the outside of your finished mitts together, facing each other. Line up the fabric edges, pin together and sew around 3 sides of the square, 1-2cm from the fabric edge.

Step 2: Carefully snip any extra fabric from the corners and turn the mitt the right way out. You may need to use a wooden spoon handle to push out the corners. Iron the mitt flat. Fold the two edges of the open side inwards to create a neat edge. Iron the folded edges flat.

Step 3: Take the thin strip of fabric and iron it in half lengthways. Fold each side in to create a neat edge. Iron this flat. Sew the length of the folded strip 1-2cm from the fabric edge. Fold this in half to create the loop. Poke the two ends into the side of the mitt. Because of the thickness of the fabric the ends of the loop may need to sit side by side. Pin in place.

Step 4: Sew along the open edge of the mitt. Take care to keep the sewing speed slow or you risk breaking the needle. Trim off any loose threads and you’re done!

Tip: Cut up leftover fabric to make cleaning or polishing cloths, use in the garden under mulch or add to your compost.

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