Give a Pre-loved gift this Christmas, which keeps giving!

This year Dove Hospice encourages you to give a pre-loved gift this Christmas. 

A gift that will keep giving, is regenerative, and in the case of Dove Hospice will support people in our local community living with a life-threatening illness. 

Giving a pre-loved gift, and receiving one, is a very considered and consciously caring gift.

By shopping second-hand we’re also helping to protect our planet and climate, ensuring our ‘stuff’ is cared for, ‘paid forward’ if no longer needed, refrained from sending to landfill and someone else is able to love and enjoy these items. 

“Second-hand gifts are cool. Just because it’s not new, doesn’t mean the person gifting it loves you any less or that you’ll love the gift any less either”, says Eco Lifestyle Blogger and second-hand advocate Ethically Kate

Dove Hospice is a local non-profit organisation that specialises in care that enhances holistic well-being from the time of diagnosis of a life-threatening illness.

Dove support people for whom a cure or remission is expected, with our ‘return to wellness’ programmes, and patients whose illness is no longer curable.

To support Dove Hospice in offering their services at no cost to their service users, they fundraise by selling quality pre-loved goods donated by their local community. 

“This latest lengthy lockdown has also been particularly challenging for Dove. Our organisation has suffered heavy losses following the Covid enforced closure of all our retail shops 12 weeks ago. Despite these losses, we’ve continued to fully fund and deliver hospice and wellness services to the most vulnerable in our community,” says Dove Hospice Executive Trustee Simon Jones.

“We want to normalise giving second-hand gifts for Christmas. Buying pre-loved is far more sustainable for our planet, our wallets produce less waste, and is regenerative as you are supporting a charity who is giving back directly to your community.” 

It really is the thought that counts. Let’s take the action now! 

Visit one of Dove Hospice shops today for your Christmas shopping needs. 

Shop Dove Hospice from anywhere in New Zealand, and shop their boutique selection of high-quality second-hand goods, shop online for a pre-Christmas 20 per cent discount on all products through to the end of November, Christmas wrapping available on online orders, All Dove Hospice Shops Open 7 Days through to 23rd December. 

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