For most of us, chocolate is another word for indulgence. We take a closer look at the beloved cocoa bean.  It’s our favourite sweet treat, afternoon pick-me-up or late-night indulgence. Even better, experts tell us that getting our dark chocolate fix is not only good for the heart,

Come winter’s chilly blasts, our attention turns indoors. Spend a while pottering in the kitchen for a scrumptious result. Salt and pepper perfect roast chicken This roast chicken recipe involves four steps over several days. This might sound like a bit of bother, but it’s worth it.

Entertaining littlies indoors can be a challenge. Clear some space on the table, gather together a selection of craft materials and get the kids started.  Here are five ideas to encourage creativity – and creative play – allowing you to sneak off for a well-deserved cuppa! \ Clowning around The idea of

If you tread lightly on the planet in life, why wouldn't you want to leave this world the same way? Francesca Price investigate the growing number of green alternatives when it comes to natural funerals If you lead a considerate life, trying to do the right

The world’s honeybees are vanishing and New Zealand teeters on the brink of a catastrophic collapse in our bee population. Sarah Heeringa investigates the strange phenomenon of colony collapse disorder The world’s honeybees are vanishing. Hives across the globe are empty, their bees gone without trace,

The Maori did it; early settlers did it. You could say putting grass on our roofs was one of the first things that united our embryonic nation. Now it’s back, new and improved. Andy Kenworthy looks at why our roofs are growing green. Plus: How to give

How to sew an outdoor cushion Take a little indoor comfort outside by turning an old raincoat or empty sack into a few handy, all-weather outdoor cushions. Susan Elijas shows us how You will need Unwanted raincoat, empty nylon sack or other hardy waterproof material Lots of clean plastic

Thirty ways to save water right now, next week, and when you've got the cash Thirty easy steps to get started  1 Check for leaks. One dripping tap that fills an egg cup per minute would fill a swimming pool in a year. If you’ve got a

Most of us spend our weekdays at work, but at what cost to our health and happiness? Here's how to make quick, cheap and effective changes to your work environment that'll help make you and your colleagues happier, healthier, greener and more productive. Photo: Jeff Brass

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