Sick of your tall boots falling over in a tangled scuffed heap? Here's an easy and quirky way for a tidy shoe space and no more floppy boots.  Words Sarah Heeringa. Craft, styling and photography by Susan Elijas and Sarah Heeringa. Sick of your tall boots falling over in

One taste of these amazing crackers and they’ll never leave your repertoire. Perfect as a special Christmas treat to have on hand – or as a scrumptious homemade gift.  100g square or rectangular plain crackers (You might use Salada, or for a gluten-free version try Orgran

Considering checking out your local Playcentre? Mother of two Heather Lyall dispels five common myths about these parent-led early childhood centres  1. Playcentre is run by teachers and paid staff Playcentre is a unique organisation that’s been around for almost 80 years. Playcentre recognises parents as the best

"War, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing," Edward Starr once sang. Well, it turns out Starr was wrong - war is good for spreading diseases, and polio, almost eradicated by 2012, has been the chief beneficiary in recent years. Mary de Ruyter takes a closer

Dreaming of your next summer holiday? Sarah Heeringa hunts out a dreamy hideaway to rest and recuperate. By Sarah Heeringa. The drive is made even more enjoyable in a Lexus ES 300h. This top-of-the-line hybrid combines fuel efficiency with the best in comfortable design. The road to the Cape Palliser

Dreaming of your next summer holiday? Sarah Heeringa goes hunting for a top spot to birdwatch the days away By Sarah Heeringa Our party of eight is shuffling as stealthily as we can along the dark bush track. The sun has long since gone down and though

Make these simple clay stars using a modeling clay that you bake. Simple and lovely, if you've got children wanting to get involved in Christmas crafts, they're a sure-fire winner. By Sarah Heeringa and Susan Elijas What you will need:  Air-drying modelling clay - available at any craft shop A

Great Barrier Island wildlife sanctuary operator Emma Cronin recently travelled to Peru to raise awareness of the black petrel, or Táiko, a migratory seabird that only breeds on Great and Little Barrier Islands in the Hauraki Gulf. She explains more about this species in decline - with only 1500

A super-easy traditional Christmas decoration to make with paper.  By Sarah Heeringa and Susan Elijas Traditional Polish Christmas celebrations begin on Christmas Eve with the appearance of the first star in the sky gwiazda (or little star). This reminds them of the star in Bethlehem that guided

As seen in issue 39 of Good, Skye Wishart looks into the world of fermentation and how these foodstuffs can help our health. Here, she explains one fermented food in particular.  Fermented green tea Kombucha  What is Kombucha? Kombucha is also known as Kargasok tea, tea fungus, haipao and Manchurian

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