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Nobody is prepared for a cancer diagnosis and the turmoil it can create. But besides having a strong support network of family and friends to get you through, Lou James, founder of cancer rehabilitation trust PINC & STEEL, has created a beautiful keepsake to motivate, encourage and support women on the road to recovery. 

Lou James 

The power of writing for stress relief, mindfulness and personal development has been tested and proven. The 365 Survive to Thrive Journal was developed to provide essential support for women who are undergoing cancer treatment or who have recently completed their treatment. The journal gives you the space you need to track and manage your unique experiences after being diagnosed with cancer, ask questions, seek and record resolutions – all in one, readily accessible and personal place, and it’s also a fantastic resource to keep and reflect back on it long after your cancer journey has come to an end. Lou also recommends it as a thoughtful and loving gift to someone you know is affected by cancer. “People who know someone diagnosed with cancer often ask me ‘what do I do, how do I help?’  Unless you’re quite close to someone with cancer, it can be very challenging to find something you can do. You can’t be practical like help them with their kids or cooking dinner. But now you can send them a book that’s pitched in the right way and will help them with their recovery.”

The journal contains:

Yearly planner – to help you plan your treatment, recovery, progress and things to look forward too.

Monthly check-ins -to encourage you to be committed & motivated to maximise your recovery.

Weekly planner – to plan your medical appointments, exercise, and all-important social events including catch-ups with friends.

Journal writing section – to write down your thoughts; even when you are on a roller coaster of emotions, it really helps to write things down.

Helpful advice – Scattered throughout the journal are words of wisdom and quotes from women who have been through cancer too. We have also included rehabilitation and recovery advice from oncology experts backed by solid research.

365 Survive to Thrive Journal is designed to be started at any time throughout the calendar year and tracks 365 days from whenever it’s begun.

Lou James, Founder of Pinc and Steel Cancer Rehabilitation Trust developed the concept of the 365 Survive to Thrive Journal to assist the recovery of women affected by cancer. With more than 10 years of experience working with cancer patients, she constantly sees the effect this disease has on their lives, as well as their loved ones.

Shipping options include gift wrapping and your personal message on a card.

“There is real power in writing things down for women affected by cancer, they will often have a lot going on in their head, which they may feel they’re not able to share with the people around them (especially women who are trying to stay strong to help the rest of the family cope).  Keeping a journal has proven to be a great way of coming to terms with what’s going on, it helps to process difficult feelings, clarify goals, and may help women cope better with the challenges in front of them.

“Cancer affects can last for a long time. The treatments have varying side effects that can be both physical and mental for some people. They may not be ready to start looking ahead to their wider health until they’ve finished treatment and are into recovery. That’s why the journal is designed to be started at any stage.”

The journal is beautifully crafted and can be purchased online from survivetothrive.co.nz.

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