Choc Orange Hazelnut Bliss Balls

Delicious and nutritious, these bliss balls are the ultimate guilt-free treat. 

Recipe and words by Rachel Grunwell. Photography Aimee Finlay Magne

To see Rachel Grunwell’s Homemade Chocolate Coffee Hazelnut Mocha recipe, pick up the March/April 2018 issue of Good out now.

½ cup hazelnut pulp (a derivative of almond milk, See below for how to create pulp.)
½ orange (juice and grated zest)
1 cup fine coconut (we used Ceres Organics)
1 tablespoon coconut oil (we used Tanna farms)
½ teaspoon cinnamon
1 tablespoon cacao powder (Ceres Organics)
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
pinch salt (we used kelp salt)

Optional: Chunks of dark chocolate for the centre of each bliss ball (we used Pana Chocolate (Fig & Wild Orange flavour).

Optional: I like to sift cacao powder over the balls after they are made for an added taste of cacao and that fancy-pants look.

To get hazelnut pulp, soak hazelnuts overnight in water, then place them in a blender with 2 cups filtered water rand blend until smooth. This creates a delicious hazelnut milk. Let the milk drip through a muslin cloth or sieve to seperate it from the pulp. 

Place all the ingredients (except the chunks of chocolate) into a bowl and mix well. Then roll balls out of the mixture. For added wow-factor, put a chunk of chocolate in the centre of each ball before shaping them in your hands. You can choose how big you want the bliss balls. I generally make them quite large so they can be a good morning tea for the kids in their school lunch boxes. This is a good energy food!

Rachel is a mum, marathoner, writer and yoga teacher. For more from Rachel, visit Inspiredhealth.co.nz or follow her on Facebook and Instagram

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