5 mindful staples for a healthy summer


As we get closer to the well-deserved holiday break, it’s a good time to refresh our go-to summer staples.

And while it’s the perfect time to indulge in relaxation, our health remains more important than ever, while keeping our ethical values at the top of our list.

Research shows that summer is a healthier season for both our hearts and headspace. With warmer months comes longer days outside, and the desire to eat lighter foods – both of which support our overall wellbeing.

And we know physical activity and a calm mind support lower stress levels which is great for our overall holistic wellbeing.

Responsible retailer HealthPost shares five staples to kickstart your healthy summer that is backed by ethical values, so you can get ahead these holidays feeling your best.

HealthPost’s 5 Staples For A Healthy Summer

Supercharged Superfoods

Packed with cell-loving nutrients like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, plant polyphenols and healthy 3-6-9 omegas, Superfoods are great for offering all-round support to our bodies.

Try adding your choice of Superfoods to any next smoothie or berry bowl for a boost of easy, on-the-go nutrition. 

Superfoods are usually plant-based powders from wholefoods like barley grass, spirulina, or acai berry that are incredibly high in cell-loving nutrients.

Cover up with SPF

With active minerals like zinc oxide and titanium oxide, Natural Sunscreen is a great choice for protecting our skin against UV rays.

No matter where you are this summer, covering up is an everyday must for healthy, radiant skin.

Thanks to HealthPost’s Sunscreen Policy, you can shop in confidence knowing every product is naturopath-approved and independently tested to make sure they meet label claims.

Keep bugs at bay with Natural Bug Repellent

You already know essential oils for their aromatherapy qualities, but did you know they also double as an excellent natural bug repellent?

This delightful multi-tasker is shown to support lasting protection – perfect to ward off unwanted bugs or mosquitoes.

For camping trips and warm nights out, natural bug repellents are a quick and simple solution for the whole family.

Try diffusing pure essential oils when you’re outside in summer or spritz your ankles with spray to protect against any pesky mozzies.

Support sound sleep

For thousands of years, Ashwagandha has been used to support stress levels and a well-rested mind.

It’s also an optimal choice for building healthy stress resilience and maintaining naturally good energy levels.

Look to take Ashwagandha before bed to support a restful nights sleep, or during the day for lasting energy.

Optimal immune wellbeing

When it comes to our health, supporting our immune system is important to keep in mind all year round.

Research shows we can provide holistic support through things like regular exercise, staying hydrated and taking care of our gut health.

From Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, to Glutathione, Probiotics, and Zinc, there are many options that can help us feel more supported.

Bonus Tip: Recharge & Reconnect

From the year that’s been, we could all do with some extra TLC. Keep self-care top of mind with your favourite mindfulness practices.

Whether it be long walks, deep breathing, experimenting in the kitchen, or meditating, take time to recharge with activities that feel good.

Whatever you’ve got planned this summer, get the most out of your every day with your holistic well-being top of mind.

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