Where is your energy going?

People, animals, trees, birds, insects and everything in our environment is energy. On a quantum level, our collective energy fields are constantly merging in and out of one another’s; we are all energetically connected all the time. Therefore, our ability to manage our energy and relate energetically to people and our environment is one of the most important skills we can learn.

Noticing where we give away too much of our energy is essential for living a balanced existence. When we master the natural energetic flow of life, we attract high-vibe relationships, have better health, grow self-confidence, and are more abundant. 

Our life is moulded by the choices we make in how we give and receive energy and how authentic that is. When we become mindful of our energy states in every moment, we empower ourselves to make conscious choices with it. This begins with being aware of what depletes us versus what charges us up. 

How do we get energy rich? 

It takes self-worth, trust, a few “nos” and a lot of letting goes.

Our biggest energy drain is hanging onto something that is dying or has died in our lives. Whether it’s not forgiving a betrayal; holding onto a lover we thought was ‘’the one’’; or a job that no longer gives us purpose. We relinquish power when we cling onto blame or don’t forgive. We’re saying “I am not the creator of my own life, I am controlled by external circumstances”.

Constantly asking for advice is also an energy depleting trap that can attract criticism. We do this because deep down we believe we need “fixing” and may seek experts or wellbeing fads to become “better”. We become a sponge for others’ beliefs and dilute our intuition and decision-making abilities. Be aware of who you put on a pedestal, and set boundaries with people who give unasked for advice. Be your own guru.

Over-helping is another common energy drain. If this is you, ask yourself why you put others’ needs ahead of your own. If you have a pattern of taking on too much responsibility or are depleted from over-helping, you may wish to find what undercurrent is driving this desire. If you are taking care of someone that is unwell, then your self-care practise needs to double to restore energetic balance. 

Our society has taught us to shrink. Our energy on many occasions can be suppressed from other people’s projections. We constantly apologise for taking up space on the stairs, for accidentally talking over someone else – even for sneezing. It is time to be bolder, bigger and more unapologetic. Take up your energetic space in the world. Be the change you are waiting for. Turn you up to high beam! 

Affirmations to reclaim energy

·I don’t apologise for taking up space.

·I take responsibility for how I feel in every moment.

·I listen to advice but choose to heal myself.

·I forgive my past experiences as I know they were for my personal growth.

·I value my own opinion and can make my own decisions.

·I choose to create change in my own life.

·I encourage open dialogue and mutual agreement with others in decisions that affect me.

·I express how I feel with people in circumstances that hurt me.

·I don’t do things I don’t want to do simply to please others; other’s reactions are not my responsibility.

·I have an abundance of time and energy.

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