When wellbeing meets skincare: meet new brand Beauty Ceutical Co

Beauty Ceutical Co was created to bring clarity to the skincare industry and change the message that we need tons of products to be ‘enough’.

Founder of Beauty Ceutical Co, Beatrice Thorne, notes the parallels between the wellness and skincare industries:

“They should both be deeply grounded in science (but often aren’t), and there is a huge amount of confusion and mixed messaging happening in both”.

Beauty Ceutical Co has therefore set out to remould the beauty industry, freeing consumers from restrictions designed to keep us feeling unsure and uncomfortable. Refreshingly, Thorne says “we don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on fancy skincare. We just need to understand our skin and how to nourish it”.

The brand’s first product is a Collagen Beauty Milk, an oat milk creamer available in both natural and vanilla bean.

The Collagen Beauty Milk is enriched with collagen which endeavours to give the skin a helping hand from the inside out, then leaving it to “do its thing”. It is also the first product in the market to use sustainable grade oat milk sourced from 100% pure Australian oats. And to top it off, all ingredients are completely traceable.

Thorne has benefited from using collagen herself and points to a variety of research that collagen supports skin elasticity and hydration, wrinkles from ageing, sun damage and skin hydration.

Beatrice Thorne

She emphasises that collagen is for all ages and genders. Thorne’s mother uses collagen, in particular for gut health and to ease joints, but also loves that her nails are stronger and her hair is thicker. And on the flipside, Thorne knows of numerous people of in their twenties, including her partner, who use collagen for better skin.

As part of Thorne’s product research, she consulted with a dermatologist who has had positive clinical success with collagen, using it with clients to support them on their skin journeys.

“At the end of the day, collagen is one of the three major substances in our skin, so at any age and any stage, it can provide benefits”, Thorne says.

The Collagen Beauty Milk is a product designed to fit into the routines and rituals that we already have, including in a morning coffee or tea, smoothie, cereal or porridge because “life is busy enough without trying to build a new habit or routine”, says Thorne.

As well as being available for purchase online, the Collagen Beauty Milk is exclusively available at wholefood refillery chain GoodFor. Now this makes for a stylish and waste-free shopping experience!

And just like Beauty Ceutical Co, “GoodFor is on a similar journey towards slower, simpler living, which feels very aligned”, says Thorne.

The Collagen Beauty Milk is labelled with environmentally friendly rich mineral paper and is packaged in glass jars. 1% of sales go to Human Dignity Trust, globally defending the rights of LGBTQ.

Beauty Ceutical Co is set to release more products to help us love the skin we’re in – watch this space and find out more at beautyceutical.co.

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