Tulsi, a herb for all seasons


The days are fast-rolling forward to Christmas, Summertime and Celebration.

How refreshing is it to gather with friends and sip a healthful non-alcoholic tonic that nourishes our nervous system, boosts our immunity, and leaves us hangover free! Here are 7 enjoyable ways you can use the blessing of Tulsi, Ayurveda’s Queen of Herbs, this Summer.

Self Care

Incorporating herbal adaptogens as festive season support has never been more important since many of us hope to be reuniting with our families and may be tempted to cut loose and party hard.

And many of us might feel emotionally fried as our second gruelling year with COVID-19 comes to a close. And then there is the usual busyness of the silly season.

Ready to support the nervous system and assist a healthy stress response is Tulsi, otherwise known in Ayurveda as The Incomparable One.

This intelligent, double-acting herb seeks out imbalances in the body and then sets out to rectify them.

The outcome? A balancing effect on the body-mind-spirit. Like Yoga, another Ayurvedic tradition, Tulsi is poised to nourish, balance and heal.

Since a little self-care can go a long way, we suggest scheduling at least one daily tea break this festive season.

Make yourself a cup of Tulsi and roll out your yoga mat, open the ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi & Yoga ebook, sip, stretch and breathe. As little as 10 minutes a day can go a very long way.

Taking Care of Loved Ones

With your own self-care on track, you can turn to take care of others with more gusto.

Give loved ones who have been struggling a box of uplifting, mood-enhancing Tulsi.

Otherwise known as Holy Basil or Sacred Basil, Tulsi is a scientifically proven anti-anxiety and anti-depressant herb.

Introducing Tulsi to those you cherish could make a big difference to them in the long run when consumed regularly.

While all the ORGANIC INDIA blends contain Tulsi, a powerful tonic and longevity herb from the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, the oldest traditional medicine system in the world, we’d suggest handing around some Tulsi Original and Tulsi Wellness to offer extra nourishment this Christmas.

For those who can’t go without a little caffeine and could do well with not just one but two Ayurvedic adaptogens, roll out Tulsi Green Tea Ashwagandha.

Don’t forget, Tulsi SLEEP is standing by, to help you and your guests get some deep, rejuvenating z’s at an overstimulating and exhausting time of the year.

Hacks for Overindulging

Despite our best intentions sampling rich foods, eating more food than usual, and eating later in the evening plus snacking more often all snowballs into feeling pretty ordinary. This year, be armed with some powerful wellness tools as follows; 

  • Sip Tulsi TUMMY, to stoke your Agni (digestive fire), during and after larger meals. This will also ease the digestive discomfort that accompanies seasonal indulgences.
  • On rising, take Tulsi BowelCare to support regular elimination which is often affected by alterations in our usual rhythm. Keeping regular will energise us and help our immunity stay strong.
  • Apply the beautiful Ayurvedic principle of ½ filling the stomach with food, ¼ fill with liquid, leaving the last ¼ space for grace (for digestion). Chewing your food slowly allowing breaks between bites will help you stay present and not overeat.
  • Intermittent fasting will unleash a little extra energy. Stop eating as early as you can in the evening and drink only Tulsi or water until 12-14-16 hours later.

These alone will help you navigate mindfully and easily recover from some more indulgent moments.

New Year Resolutions

It seems so Old School but as the calendar flips to January 1st every year we like to start anew and make some sort of a change.

NY is a perfect time to dive into the Tulsi 21 Day Challenge with those long summer days allowing time to make the three required cups of Tulsi daily.

Simply drink any of the OI Tulsi blends hot, warm or room temp three times daily for 21 days straight.

That’s all there is to it. From there on, drink Tulsi daily to build on your longevity.

Kickstarting the year with a clear out is a natural post-Christmas reflex.

Tulsi CLEANSE is your friend, offering you effective daily liver & kidney detox support.

If this blend seems a bit intense, the softly-softly approach would be to drink several cups of Tulsi Original, or any of the Tulsi range, since Tulsi naturally assists detoxification.

There are plenty of non-caffeinated blends to choose from for folks wanting to cut back on caffeine.

Nourishment all-year-round

From self-care to celebration, ethical gifting to kickstarting the best you in the New Year, Tulsi (Holy Basil) really is a herb for all Seasons.

Helping you to navigate the stress of the Silly Season and the heat of Summer, boosting your immunity and providing antioxidants in abundance, you will feel nourished and uplifted by your cup of Tulsi tea.


In Ayurveda, foods are grouped into those that have warming properties, foods that are cooling, and those that are neutral.

Beating the heat on hot summer afternoons couldn’t be more delicious with Tulsi Peppermint, Tulsi Sweet Rose, and Tulsi Pomegranate Green.

The ingredients in these blends are naturally cooling.

Since it’s not cool in Ayurveda to ice up our beverages (it dampens our agni), make your Tulsi according to pack directions and sip it either hot, warm, or enjoy at room temp with a maximum of 1-2 ice cubes. 

Sail through a steamy Summer’s day with a full-flavoured cool Tulsi tea. Here’s how:  

  1. Place 2 Tulsi tea bags or 2 heaped teaspoons of Tulsi Loose Leaf in your teapot.
  2. Steep in just-boiled water for 5 – 10 minutes or longer for a deeper flavour.
  3. Cover if possible, to capture the full benefits of Tulsi.
  4. Set tea aside to cool. Refridgerate if you like.
  5. Experiment with any Tulsi tea blend. We recommend Tulsi Sweet Rose, Tulsi Peppermint, Tulsi Pomegranate Green, Tulsi Green Tea Ashwagandha.
  6. You might like to garnish with fruit or fresh herbs. Sliced citrus and mint leaves make it extra special! 2-3 drops liquid stevia will naturally sweeten your brew.

It’s Party Time

Celebrate with our delicious Christmas Tulsi Sweet Rose Mocktail. Nourishing, healing as well as fun!

Christmas Tulsi Sweet Rose Mocktail


1/2 cup of Tulsi Sweet Rose Tea

1/2 cup sparkling mineral water

2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

1 tablespoon rose water (optional)

Splash of cranberry juice for colour

Garnish with organic pink rose petals (from the health food shop)


Make 1 cup of Tulsi Sweet Rose tea using 1 teabag, steep and allow to cool a little. Depending on the size of your glass, use the whole cup or half the cup of tea. Add all ingredients (except rose petals) together and stir well. Add a couple of cubes of ice (optional) and top off with delightful pink rose petals. 

Merry Christmas!

Berry Sweet Rose Smooth-Tea

Berry Smoothies are very popular, so we thought there had to be a way to add our beloved Tulsi. We give you the Berry Sweet Rose Smooth-Tea with our organic Moringa Leaf Powder; a naturally complex superfood that is derived from one of the most complete and nutrient-dense plants on earth.


  • ½ cup organic coconut milk
  • ½ cup ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi Sweet Rose tea
  • 1 tsp ORGANIC INDIA Moringa Leaf Powder
  • ½ cup organic strawberries
  • ½ cup organic raspberries
  • ½ cup organic cherries (pitted)

Brew the Tulsi Sweet Rose tea in just-boiled water and allow to cool. Refrigerate if you want to speed up the process. Add all the ingredients to your blender. Process until smooth. Pour into your glass and enjoy!

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