The most important person in your world is you: 6 ways to boost your emotional value

The most important person in your world is you. If you’re not okay, not feeling the best version of yourself, it’s unlikely you’ll radiate as a light for others.

This short list below aims to provoke the opening of a treasure trove of emotional value. But don’t feel compelled to follow only these. Invent your own and get creative to tap and expand your emotional states and awareness.

1. Killing outdated personal stories

What tales or beliefs do you keep telling yourself that don’t make you feel so great?

Get off the subject! Acknowledge where they have come from, sure, then soften them and focus on a different story.

Be, do, or go after the things in life that make you feel good. In that order! Start by being happy. You don’t need to have everything to feel the value of life.

2. Explore your senses

Set up experiences forcing you to leverage your inherent senses to full capacity! Invite friends along for the ride.

Food tastings, music genres or themed nights, attempt to identify objects while blindfolded, go to day spas!

There’s a stack of board games you can play. Look for ways to heighten your awesome sensory awareness.

3. Get off your devices and have tech-free time or days

A part of the reason our senses are numbed is due to the level of noise around us and our addiction to technology. Elect a completely free day/weekend where technology will be for emergencies only. Detox from social media and the likes. Put attention back on your real world.

When you’re out with friends focus on feeling, not photographing, the whole experience. Create more memories and collect more mental pictures than photos.

4. Play with a creative hobby

You’re a creative being even if you don’t feel it. Creativity is not about perfection.

Choose something you can do to get down and dirty with your hands. Put time aside for drawing, painting, handcrafts, cooking, dancing, learning an instrument or dabbling with mechanics: anything that invests time building or creating something from a blank canvas.

5. Create a handmade gift

Show others how important they are by spending a little of your precious time on a creation for an individual, group or specific scenario.

Perhaps there are people in your world you don’t say ‘thank you’ to quite frequently enough.

Who are the two, three, four or five people you can surprise with a treat for a special occasion or just because you can?

Whoever or whatever springs to mind, secretly work on a handmade gift for a pleasant surprise. Remember, any imperfections are part of the beauty of the gift.

6. Share better stories with others

Should you wish to become a better storyteller (or try to resolve a conflict), find creative metaphors that are easy to relate to and have better relevance for those around you. Then work on refining storytelling and presentation skills. Consider such things as:

voice influences: animation, enunciation, description, volume or silence.

body language influences: breath, posture, eye contact, nervous habits.

design influences: structure, edit, purpose, creativity, personal values.

in delivery: energy and engagement.

Mark Carter is an international keynote speaker, trainer and coach. He has over 20 years’ experience as a global learning and development professional. His TEDxCasey talk ‘Paws and Effect: how teddy bears increase value perception was the movie trailer for his latest book Add Value. You can contact Mark at www.markcarter.com.au or his book site addvalue.markcarter.com.au.

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