The missing ingredient to your New Year health resolution

Another year, another resolution. What’s it going to be? Moving more? Drinking less? Sleeping more? Eating cleaner? All of the above? Or maybe it’s as simple as just keeping well.

After the year that’s just been, that’s not surprising. Now more than ever, we all want to feel our very best selves, in body, mind and soul. And this time, we’d quite like it to work – right?

A great way to support the effectiveness of those health resolutions is to take stock of your nutrients. Every cell in our body is made up of the food and nutrients we consume, and every function, from breathing to digestion, to motivation and brain function, relies on nutrients to work properly.

Ideally, we’d get those nutrients from food alone. But poor soil and food quality make that very difficult.

Add stress or any increased demand on the body, and those vital nutrients deplete even faster.

That’s why leading local holistic health company BePure has scientifically formulated its supplements with nutrients you can really notice.

If you’re looking for a special way to make a small, but impactful act of self-care, their Everyday Wellness Pack is the ultimate New Year’s gift to yourself.

We’re talking sleep-inducing, skin-enhancing, brain-boosting, and body-fortifying, every single day. And to help you keep up that healthy habit it includes the FREE 30 Day Change Challenge designed by their leading BePure Clinic.

It includes:

  • BePure one, the ultimate multivitamin
  • BePure Two, a powerful probiotic
  • BePure Three, a high strengh DHA/EPA, sustainably sourced omega 3
  • FREE 30 Day Change Challenge to keep up the healthy habit

Together, you’ve got all the foundational nutrients, probiotics and essential fatty acids for optimal health and wellness, covered, every day.

Key summer nutrients found in the BePure Wellness Pack are:

Vitamin C:

Found in abundance in citrus fruits, brussel sprouts, broccoli, and strawberries, vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps to fight free radicals. It also boosts immunity and memory.

B vitamins:

B vitamins are fantastic for energy and that get-up-and-go feeling we all love. We find them in whole grains, meat, eggs and dairy products, legumes, seeds and nuts, and dark leafy vegetables like spinach.


Magnesium supports a good mood, a dreamy night’s sleep and inflammation and we can find it in green vegetables, nuts and seeds, oats, wheat germ, and dry beans.


Zinc is essential for healing wounds, sexual health, osteoporosis, and immunity. We find it in oysters, red meat and poultry, whole grains, fortified breakfast cereal, and dairy products.


While not technically a nutrient (probiotics are good bacteria), probiotics support optimal gut health that then supports our overall great health. We can find these in bananas, yoghurt, flax seeds, nuts, and fermented foods such as kefir, and kombucha.

Omega 3:

Found in fatty fish like tuna, salmon, and sardines and nuts, seeds, and plant oils, Omega 3 is great for inflammation, joint and heart health, and lowers blood pressure.

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