Group photo: From left, Louisa Hawkes from Project Jonah, Wendy Oliver from Honeywrap and Daren Grover from Project Jonah.  Honeywrap, a small but mighty Waikato business, is partnering with Project Jonah for the sixth year in a row to raise awareness for Plastic Free July 2023. For every product sold in

How much plastic do you use each and every day? These Kiwi brands are helping us cut back, one product at a time. July shouldn’t be the only time of the year that we consider where the plastic waste we use ends up, and for many

Thirty ways to save water right now, next week, and when you've got the cash Thirty easy steps to get started  1 Check for leaks. One dripping tap that fills an egg cup per minute would fill a swimming pool in a year. If you’ve got a

Understanding the role that trees like Kauri, Awhi Awhi play in our daily lives. Forests provide us with many goods and services that support human life. They absorb CO2 as they grow and trees store this carbon in their stems, branches, leaves and roots. Forests also

From issue 58. Humans and elephants struggle to coexist in Sri Lanka, but a clever initiative is using waste to broker a tentative peace. The “conflict of coexistence” – this phrase has come to encapsulate our tenuous relationship with wilderness and wildlife. In Sri Lanka, this conflict often

Mission Estate’s annual carbon footprint is equivalent to that of four people. Good finds out how. It’s an astounding figure and one that Mission Estate chief winemaker Paul Mooney is rightly proud of. For every litre of wine produced at the Hawke’s Bay winery, the power usage

Systems in nature work together in harmony, and through permaculture we can apply the same principles to the way we farm – or grow our veggies. These past few months we’ve been staying on a farm in Northland and getting an insight into rural life. We’ve

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