Four easy way to extend a product’s lifecycle and reduce your beauty footprint.We know there isn’t only one right way when it comes to recycling. Whether it’s recycling or being resourceful and repurposing your beauty empties, MECCA have rounded up four easy ways to extend

Kiwi scientists are working to unlock more of seaweed’s skincare secrets. A hydrator, brightener, exfoliant and antioxidant, seaweed is a skincare hero ingredient that you’ll find in many of your pots of gold in your bathroom cupboard for good reason. It’s loaded with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and

Deceptive marketing can hoodwink us into believing a product is eco friendly – so how can we make good choices? With the trend for all things natural booming, an explosion of products has created a world of chaos for consumers. How do we identify if a product

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