8 ways to a super sleep

Yawning is so yesterday! Snuggle in to your best sleep yet with these eight tips. 

1. Avoid the stimulants 

We’ve all made that mistake before – having a coffee or an excess amount of chocolate too close to sleep. Lay off these things two hours before hitting the hay to ensure you fall asleep. 

Mattress protectors prevent dust mites, asthma and other allergies.

2. Stop snoozing 

Instead of letting yourself snooze multiple times each morning, set your alarm to the time you really have to get up so you can reap that extra sleep, uninterrupted.

3. Protect your mattress

Avoid allergies with a mattress protector – the Sleepyhead Waterproof Tencel mattress protector prevents dust mites which cause asthma, hayfever and more. 

4. Quality is key 

A good pillow and duvet is just as important as a good mattress, so test out your options instore to find the right one for you. Find your favourites at Beds R Us; the Sleepyhead Ventilated Memory foam contoured pillow moulds naturally to your head and neck to provide pressure relief and even weight distribution.  

Make a list!

5. Be warm and relaxed 

Unwind and soothe your body and mind before you sleep with a relaxing bath or a cup of tea or warm milk. 

6. The darker the better 

Light can signal to your brain you should be awake, even when you’re asleep – so make sure your curtains allow for complete darkness and cover alarm lights too.   

7. Ditch the booze 

Alcohol might have a soporific effect, but it’s short-lived. It actually prevents your body from entering the deepest phase of sleep, and overindulging could have you waking parched in the night. 

8. Make a list 

Clear your head by writing down what’s on your mind. Write a to-do list or simply jot down any worries you have and remind yourself to think about them in the morning.

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