Spring Cleaning Lockdown Edition

As the wellness movement continues to sustain the attention of consumers throughout the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, we know Kiwi households are looking to new models of managing self-care and alternative ways to drive mindfulness and wellbeing in the home.

To put a spring in your step and transform your home into a calming and restorative place while COVID-19 restrictions continue, we’ve pulled together a few simple tips to spring clean your home.

Declutter your spaces

Combat the stress of not being able to find anything in a cluttered pantry by giving it a complete declutter and rehoming products to be visually appealing and easy to find.

We’re all a bit guilty of going a bit overboard with our supermarket shops over lockdown, so find a home for all of those products you picked up!

The Culinary Co Glass Storage Range with trendy bamboo lids is a perfect start. Spotlight also has a whole how-to guide for pantry organisation for anyone really wanting to pick up their pantry game.

Between clothes and the kids’ toys, we all know the floor often becomes home to clutter and frustration.

Clear up your space by organising items into easy to use storage baskets.

These natural round baskets are perfect to clear up space and give yourself more room to do the things you love (or to finally do that morning yoga session you’ve been telling yourself you’ll start all lockdown).

Or if you’re looking for another lockdown craft activity, why not make your own storage baskets to suit each room?

Get in the garden

Gardening is a great way to promote feelings of calm and relaxation.

The process of cultivating and nurturing a garden is a great project for anyone looking to bring a bit more intention and slowness into their daily routine.

If your herb garden is looking a little rough after winter, try out these cute herb tags which the kids can get amongst designing and making once you’ve replanted for Spring.

Decorate your home with items that promote tranquillity

Adding items to your home that increase feelings of tranquillity is a great way to transform the overall feel of the space.

Spotlight’s new tranquillity trend range is all about focusing on good health and a happier mindset by making the home a sanctuary and a place that allows a relaxing and soothing environment which is becoming increasingly important during lockdown. 

Organise your space

Creating a space you love and enjoy being in is one of the best feelings in the world.

As Kiwis are spending so much more time in our homes, it’s important to add your own unique touches to your homes to help bring feelings of ease and transform your home into a haven.

Add a bit of extra storage with this beautiful macrame shelf holder. This is perfect for displaying books, small plants and little knick-knacks for everyone to appreciate. 

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