Splore theme announcement

Wakey Wakey — E Oho! is the theme for Splore Festival 2022.

What does that mean?! It’s calling for Splorers to get creative and let their imagination go wild when creating Splore costumes for the upcoming festival but in an environmentally friendly way.

Splore organisers acknowledge that we’re lucky to share a party community who are among the most switched–on and progressive in Aotearoa but none of us are perfect, and we make mistakes more easily with closed eyes. So peel open those peepers and have a think about how we all can tread more lightly on our dancefloor and our home.

They are calling for Splorers to dream up “legendary not landfill” creations.

Dressing up gives us a chance to live our fantasies, play with boundaries, and make each other laugh. Your phenomenal creative efforts bring so much joy and have cemented Splore as the greatest dress-up party in Aotearoa! But let’s not trash Papatūānuku for the sake of turning a look. It’s time to push reset on bad habits and rediscover the glamour of sustainable, waste–free dress–ups. Raid nana’s closet, shop second–hand, or get crafty with homemade creations that can go the distance, not just for one night. If your costume isn’t for keeps, seek out materials that recycle easily or are biodegradable.

This includes glitter and sparkly stuff by avoiding tacky stick–on gems and plastic tinsel that ends up littering our Earth or polluting our waters.

For Splorers who can’t kick the sparkle habit they urge Splorers to use Bioglitter® from BODYFX, the only glitter brand certified to biodegrade in nature. Anything else is an ecological disaster and causes great harm to wildlife and waterways.

And be a gem, don’t glue one to your face! Instead sparkle with positivity, sparkle with creativity, sparkle with joy.

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