Smarter storage: the clear choice

Banish plastic from your pantry with these cleverly labelled containers.

Words and styling Sarah Heeringa. Photography Amanda Reelick.

Glass jars are washable, inert, non-absorbent and see-through making them perfect for storing food. Use waterborne Resene Blackboard Paint to turn upcycled jars into handy reusable storage vessels. Collect jars that are the same size or use an assortment of different sizes.

To remove any remaining sticky bits from labels from the jars, mix together equal amounts of baking soda and cooking oil. Rub on and leave for 30 minutes and then scrub off with steel wool.

You will need

  • Clean jars with sealable lids and the labels soaked off
  • A small paintbrush 
  • Medium sandpaper
  • Chalk 
  • Sharp knife 
  • Resene
  • Blackboard Paint: Resene Blackboard Paint is a premium waterborne product that creates a hardwearing blackboard coating. And it doesn’t have to be black! Visit your local Resene ColorShop to choose from a range of colours tinted into Resene Chalkboard Paint. 

Step by step

Step 1: Use the sandpaper to give the jar lid a light buffing. 

Step 2: Wipe the lid clean and give it an even coating of Resene Blackboard Paint. Allow this to fully dry. 

Step 3: Sharpen one end of a chalk stick with a knife and write labels on the lids. Use a soft cloth to remove chalk residue.

Four reasons to store food in glass

  1. Glass is non-porous. Unlike plastic, glass’s chemically inert surface does not absorb dyes or colours. You can store strong or colourful spices and it will not stain the glass or transfer any flavour to it. Plus, the non-porous surface of glass is more hygenic and can be washed at high temperatures. 
  2. Upcycling glass is good for the planet. Reusing hard-wearing glass jars rather than buying more plastic helps to reduce landfill. It also saves energy on plastic’s inefficient recycling process. 
  3. Glass is practical. Storing ingredients in transparent glass means you can see at a glance what is in the jar. This is handy before shopping to quickly see what you need to top up.  
  4. Glass looks great. Glass has a timeless look and adds a touch of classic style to any kitchen pantry. 

Watch the video of how to create your own chalkboard jars:

Sarah is a contributing editor for Good and author of two books. Her latest book’s title is Upcycling With Style.

For more paint, colour ideas and inspiration visit your Resene ColorShop or resene.co.nz

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