Shredded Duck and Cabbage Salad

Delecate and delectable, this Duck Salad recipe from Madam Woo will be a winner amongst guests no matter the occasion  

100g five-spice roast duck*
100g shredded cabbage
50g cucumber (matchsticks)
5g red chilli (sliced)
5g spring onion
15g dried shallot
30ml lime dressing (see recipe below)
10ml chilli oil
10g crushed peanuts
salt to taste

*Could substitute for 2 duck legs, rubbed with the dry spice marinate, then sprinkled with pepper, szechuan and salt.

Roast duck

1 whole duck
120g dry spice marinate (see recipe below)
5g crushed black pepper
5g crushed szechuan pepper
30g salt

Remove the duck neck, wingtip, bottom and feet and then butterfly before roasting. Make sure you pat dry the carcass before.

Apply the dry spice marinate on the inside of the duck, not the skin and marinate for ½  hour.

After that, place the butterflied duck on a roasting rack, and sprinkle the crushed black pepper, szechuan pepper and salt evenly on the skin of the duck before roasting.

Put into an oven preheated to 200degC and roast for 1 hour.

Once cooked, remove from the oven and allow to cool down before picking the meat and slicing thinly.

Mix well, check the seasoning if salt is needed before dividing into 100g per portion. Keep in fridge before use.

Five-spice roast duck dry spice rub marinate

140g garlic
40g ginger
32g Chinese five-spice
20g ground coriander
100g gluten-free soy sauce
60g Chinese cooking wine

Place all the ingredients in blender and blend to a smooth paste.

Lime dressing

440g lime juice (fresh)
400g pickling liquid (see recipe from marinate)
240g fish sauce

Combine ingredients and mix well.

Madam Woo’s delectable menu is created by Josh Emett. This duck recipe is available at Madam Woo restaurants throughout the country, including their newest restaurant in Christchurch. For the full list of locations, visit madamwoo.co.nz

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