Shop with Depop: Sustainable Shopping in the 21st Century

Popular app Depop is paving the way for shopping sustainably in a world of fast fashion.

Depop is now becoming the hub of thrift shopping with individuals opening up their closets to the public and selling their clothing from all the way across the world. Looking for vintage designer bags or a 90’s inspired look with baggy jeans, with over 15 million users Depop has everything.

Originally a social networking app, Depop was reinvented to give users the opportunity to be inspired to buy and sell unique fashion pieces from all around the world.

Selling preloved clothing is not new, with thousands of people shopping on K Road, the thrift store district of Auckland. The inspiring and budget friendly past time will always be a favourite for everyone looking for a new but old look.

Making up 10% of the world’s carbon emissions, fast fashion has got retail stores quickly recreating runway and high-end clothing with cheap and non-eco-friendly material. By consciously choosing to buy secondhand, the demand for fast fashion decreases, less resources are used and less clothes are found at the landfill.

With trends always being recycled, and with styles like the Y2K cardigan coming back, Depop is sure to have timeless style pieces from the era itself. This new way of thrift shopping is becoming the new norm as online shopping becomes more convenient and efficient.

There’s an endless amount of users like @luellaroche who sells stylish 70’s, 80’s and 90’s pieces. The app also allows users to start their own side hustles and independent labels, including @yarnstrulytreasures, who creates handmade crochet pieces such as hats, earrings and even co-ord sets.

Discover a new look by getting style inspiration or go back in time by finding pieces from certain eras, by shopping in a less wasteful way with the global marketplace app that allows users to build a community of buying and selling clothes.

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