Step up to shine

Nick Von K’s new collection is all about finding your place in the sun, and the daily steps we take towards our goals 

Shining Hearts studs with garnet stones 

Golden Rutile Crystal Ball Pendant 

It’s fair to say jewellery designer Nick Von K has stepped up with his new Step up to Shine 2016 collection.

“It is my belief that the only way to thrive in this modern world is to remain focused on the positive,” says Von K. “We all know the world is not perfect, but we can each make it a little bit better every day by stepping into our place in the sun.”

He has expressed this in his designs by layering the chevron arrow in a forwards or upwards motion in earrings, rings, pendants and bracelets. The collection also includes a Butterfly bracelet symbolising transformation; and Shining Heart studs that represent following your passion in life.

Holding hands pendants play with the idea of gazing into the future to see what you can be, and where you want to go.

“The crystal ball is about looking in the future and dreams of what you want to be and what you want to do and then you have all the little daily steps you have to take to get there,” Von K says. “It’s great to have big dreams but when it boils down to it, it is the little things you do every day to get there. So it’s like the amazing and the mundane and the joy of success of all of that.”

Von K has also just released Electric Unicorn (www.electricunicorn.band) – a jewellery line especially for girls featuring pastel coloured unicorns, hearts and star rings and pendants inspired by the magic and mystery of the Electric Unicorn universe.

“Young girls are constantly being bombarded by advertising tell them they should be 25 when they are 13 instead of saying ‘hey, you are a child. Let’s enjoy childhood’,” he says.


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