Make the most of your morning beauty routine

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, it’s easy to neglect self-care. However, carving out time for self-care rituals, especially during your morning beauty routine, can be a transformative practice. Even if it’s just for a few moments.

It can help set the tone for your day ahead, boost confidence, enhance your overall mood and build resilience.

If you’re unsure where to begin there’s a new guard of beauty and body care brands offering beautiful ways to stop, reflect and reconnect with ourselves while we’re washing our face or applying body oil to our legs.

Newest to market is Embodyme – an eco-luxe range of body oils that nourish and nurture the skin. They are designed to serve as a powerful reminder for women to prioritise self care and reconnect with their bodies and minds through daily rituals.

Embodyme founder Sarah Reid had a number of health challenges in her 30s, which inspired a deep dive into her own health and wellbeing. It led to the former global luxury brands executive, and mum of three, becoming a qualified health coach. All attributes that she has brought to Embodyme, which uses the finest natural ingredients, has luxurious formulations and uplifting sensorial experiences.

The signature scents of Embodyme’s plant-based oils – Courage, Joy, Kindness and Peace – are delicate aromas designed to evoke feelings of these emotions for when you are needing courage, an injection of joy or peace, or to be kind to yourself or others.

“I realised it’s not the grand gestures that actually transform your health, it’s the small habits that we stack every day that are more powerful,” says Reid. “It’s about inspiring women to prioritise their own self care and body care is an amazing wellbeing opportunity. Those moments you take for yourself to reset and reconnect while applying products to the skin to become a daily ritual. It’s a beautiful way to tune in and connect with yourself.”

One woman who knows all about the power of scent is Dr Bo Hendgen, founder of therapeutic essential oil brand Absolute Essential.

Hendgen only works with therapeutic-grade essential oils that, when inhaled, can influence our mood and emotions. “It’s the only medicine you can apply directly to the brain,” she explains.

When it comes to creating a daily wellbeing ritual she recommends choosing a blend over a single oil for best effect. That way you’re introducing a new olfactory brain connection and positive intention.

Absolute Essential’s two best-selling certified organic essential oil blends created for this purpose are Stress Less, which promotes calm focus and relaxation, and Confidence, which inspires creativity, strengthens resolve and enhances productivity.

Just applying a couple of drops of these essential oils to the wrist, and mindfully inhaling for a few moments, is all you need.

Choose a morning self-care ritual that works for you.

Mindful cleansing: Start your day with a gentle facial cleanser infused with a calming scent such as lavender. As you cleanse your face, focus on the sensations and take deep breaths to anchor yourself in the present moment.

Aromatherapy shower: Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil (such as eucalyptus for energy or rose for tranquility) to your shower routine. Let the steam and scent envelop you as you practice deep breathing.

Morning meditation: Dedicate a few minutes to morning meditation, using an aromatherapy diffuser to disperse calming scents such as Absolute Essential Stress Less. This sets a serene tone for the day.

Skin nourishment: While applying skincare products, use gentle, circular motions and focus on the sensation of touch. Choose products with natural scents that uplift your mood.

Mindful make-up application: Instead of rushing through your make-up routine, apply each product deliberately. Consider using make-up with nourishing ingredients and pleasing fragrances.

Gratitude journaling: After your morning routine, take a moment to write down three things you’re grateful for. This simple practice can shift your perspective and boost your resilience.

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