The pink drink

Nothing says summer in a glass more than rosé. Its blush colour imbues a sense of frivolity and fun. Yet, there is nothing trivial about the current global craze for pink wine. 

Words Carolyn Enting.

Rosé wine is having its moment in the sun as one of the most popular summer tipples for both sexes. 

Rosé wine jelly is another must-try this summer. 

Yes, you read that right. More and more men are toasting summer with rosé, not just craft beer. The trend has even coined its own portmanteau word “brosé”.

Drinking pink is a global trend that has seen rosé move from being perceived as a gateway wine in years past to becoming a respectable palate pleaser. It’s cool, refreshing but also complex, bringing flavour and depth of acidity. 

Rosé wine sales in America are growing at least 10 times faster than the growth of overall table wine sales, according to a January 2015 Nielsen report. The past decade has also seen the production of pink wine in New Zealand triple. To put that into perspective, “rosé was barely made [in New Zealand] 10 years ago but it’s a big volume seller today”, says Joelle Thomson, wine writer and author of The Little Black Book of Wine (New Holland).

The best time to drink rosé is “now” says Thomson. “Rosé is made to drink as soon as it’s made; fresh, fruity and hopefully dry. There are always subtle differences between different wines but there’s a good reason that many Kiwi rosés taste similar in style; they’re mostly made from Pinot Noir.” 

Rosé goes well with soft cheese. “Not too strong; let the wine shine a little,” she says. “It also matches well with slivers of good cured meat such as prosciutto and even little pickles.”

Good has taken that a step further and created Rosé Wine Jelly, the perfect paste to partner with soft cheese on a cracker. Though, of course, the best pairing is sometimes just sharing a glass of rosé with a friend on a sunny day. 

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