Meet the denim label that has abandoned traditional size charts

Peachay is a denim label that has abandoned the traditional size chart and instead is calling for women to ‘find their flower’. Dubbed the ‘most flattering ever’ for women with smaller waists and juicier hips, butt and thighs (a.k.a the hourglass/pear body shape), Peachay is aiming to eradicate body shaming and outdated sizing standards one pair of jeans at a time.

At Peachay, you won’t find a traditional size chart or labels like ‘small’ or ‘large’, instead, you’ll find a ‘flower’. Peachay uses their own progressive sizing chart that finds a woman’s fit based on their body measurements (with each shape represented by flowers). Women just need to measure their body and find the flower that matches up.

Peachay was created in 2018 after founder Bella Sen put on a pair of pants and the stitching in the middle of her bum split. Having a small waist, bigger booty and thighs meant denim shopping was a nightmare for Bella. She was emotionally exhausted by the process of trying on jeans, having none fit and then walking away thinking her body was the problem. It took Bella a while to realise that it was the jeans that were the issue, not her. 

Sen felt there was no brand to turn to when it came to jeans that fit her body shape, so she decided to create her own with Peachay. Today, Peachay creates denim that tailors to the hourglass/pear body shape and hopes that these women will feel confident in their jeans. Sen believes that outdated sizing standards send a subliminal message to women – and some men – that their bodies are the problem, when in fact it’s the clothes. 

“So many women think that because they don’t ‘fit’ into ‘standard sized’ clothing that there must be something wrong with their body shape – When, it’s actually the opposite. It’s the clothing that is wrong because they’re made with a cookie-cutter approach expecting that one size style should fit all,” explains 26-year-old founder Bella Sen. 

“Unfortunately, we can all be our own worst enemies when it comes to body shaming and sizing charts can sometimes unfairly reaffirm what we think about ourselves. At Peachay we strongly believe that the sizing standards are outdated and are not conducive to body acceptance. We don’t use traditional sizing and instead encourage women to shop for their denim using our guide of ‘flowers’.”

Peachay recommends shopping on their website guided by choosing a flower that matches a women body measurements. Each pair of jeans, prices at $239.95, offer cuts that are particularly flattering for those with smaller waistlines and thicker thighs.

The capsule offering of denim comes in three different washes – dark denim, light denim and black. Peachay’s denim doesn’t follow trends and instead offers signature styles like the ‘Chelsea Jean’ which is a vintage style straight leg jean. Peachay also offers denim shorts and the ’Hannah Skirt’, all designed to complement that ‘Peachay’ body type at $179.95.

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