Maggie Marilyn pregnancy births new collection

Leading New Zealand fashion brand Maggie Marilyn is blooming with its latest Forever capsule collection as is its designer and founder Maggie Hewitt who is expecting her first child any day now.

The collection is Maggie’s first since she became pregnant with her son, and is the culmination of the last seven years growing in the direction of Maggie Marilyn’s North Star; a fashion industry rooted in transparency, circularity, regeneration and inclusion.

Titled, Where Wild Things Grow; the collection is inspired by Mother Nature’s enduring capacity for change.

It also honours Hewitt’s own parents, the two people most responsible for giving her the courage of her convictions.

Her mother’s beloved roses, in bloom again, this time in soft lemon and powder blue.

A cashmere sweater that takes its cues from the rugby jerseys worn by her father in his early twenties as a first-time dad.

A deconstructed knit, affectionately named Better With Age, that resembles the old family sweaters with threads pulled and frayed hems from climbing trees with her sisters against their better judgement. Garments that pay tribute to a childhood best remembered for its adventures and Mother Nature’s spoils, while looking to the future through fabrics and silhouettes designed to lift their wearer up.

The Maggie Marilyn brand points to Mother Nature’s blueprint for the lessons we might hope to impart on our children one day. In every season, nature reminds us to not be ashamed of our vastness nor afraid of our height. To not make excuses for our brightness or shy away from our shadows. But above all, to not be afraid to change. To grow through, grow out of, or grow into something.

“It’s been a journey that has stretched us beyond what we thought we were capable of, and has taught me the patience, grace and grit needed to step into this new chapter as a mother,” says Maggie.

Being good custodians of this place isn’t about us – or you, she explains, but about what we leave behind for our children and grandchildren. Which is why, in designing this collection with her son in her vision for the very first time, Hewitt has never felt such clarity about her mission.

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