Eight ways to find your purpose

Having a purpose is a great motivator. It drives us but also lights us up when we are doing something we truly believe in. Tapping into your soul’s purpose is actually easier said than done, says Emma Mildon, author of bestseller The Soul Searchers Handbook: The Modern Girl’s Guide to the New Age World. Here are eight pointers from her to help you channel and create meaningful purpose, passion and drive to live a life on purpose. 

Words Emma Mildon. Hero photography by Jessie Casson.

1. Be someone 

Have an introduction that people remember. I could just shake hands and say ‘Hi, I’m Emma Mildon, an author and columnist’ but when I say ‘Hi, I’m Emma Mildon, the Spiritual Personal Assistant aka PA for your soul.’ There is always a conversation.

Emma Mildon is currently working on her second book, Evolution of a Goddess, due for release in August 2017 

2. Stand for something 

We can all say we stand for a cause or a charity. But standing for something means action, not talk. Ensure you get behind like-minded people living on purpose – support them, share insights, and encourage each other.

3. Know your audience 

Save yourself a lot of time in thinking everyone will relate to you, your product or your service. The truth is, there will be a niche that will connect with you and your message. Find them, and focus on them.

4. Commit

It won’t be easy! There will be obstacles and challenges. The key is to stay committed to your cause and know that the road to purpose and success isn’t necessarily a straight one. Enjoy the journey and the lessons along the way.

5. Expand

Never stop learning. We will never truly master anything in this lifetime and if we think we have, we are foolish. Make time to learn something new every day. Be it from a TED Talk, YouTube how-to video, or an audio book. Develop your skills, your thoughts, ideas.

Offer your learnings, products and services to help others.

6. Light council 

This is important. Surround yourself with people who will be honest, challenge you, inspire you, educate you, encourage you and pick you up when you need it. Create a council of people who can support you. I have everyone from the hard coach to the cheerleader!

7. Promote yourself!

If what you offer is truly a product, service or message that will transform or improve lives then you should have no hang-ups wanting to promote, advertise or market it! If you aren’t getting it out there how can it help people? Market, market, market!

8. Be of service

My mantra. I report in for duty. Offer your learnings, products and services to help others. If it comes from a place of love, authentic soul purpose, organic inspiration then know that with some hard work, commitment, with the right support around you, promotion to the right audience – you’ve got this!

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