Levi’s celebrates and honours activists fighting for queer liberation and equal rights

For Pride 2022, Levi’s is going back to the birth of the Queer liberation movement and celebrating the activists and pioneers who kicked off the fight for equal rights and visibility for the LGBTQIA+ community during those early days.

Drawing from the powerful messaging of signs and posters from that era, Levi’s® has created a collection that aims to inspire tomorrow’s generation of LGBTQIA+ activists, and will hopefully shine a light on the idea that equality never goes out of style.

Included in the collection is a range of apparel that each celebrates LGBTQIA+ activism in their own way.

And, importantly, each piece is designed to be both genderless and size-inclusive (XS to XXL for most pieces), so it’s a collection that’s truly open to all. In terms of genderless style, that often means clothing that skews traditionally masculine.

But this time around Levi’s® wanted to mix it up and create a collection that skews traditionally feminine.

To that end, the 2022 Pride lineup features pieces we’ve never done before, like the Denim Corset—a true corset made from Levi’s® denim that features a lace-up back—and the denim Pride Skirt, which on a guy would fit more like a kilt, and features side pleats, a backpatch with Pride charm and pearl shank buttons.

And to round out the denim offerings for the Pride lineup, there’s also a faded and distressed Liberation Trucker, a classic Type III Trucker with a woven Pride Two Horse label on the inside of the jacket, pearl centre shank buttons, and an embroidered graphic on the back that says, “Let Us Love.”

Other elements of the collection include the Community Tee, a concert tee homage with a list of LGBTQIA+ milestones on the back, a Roadtrip Cropped Tee with rainbow graphics of “Live Your Truth” and “Let My People Love!,” a Relaxed Graphic Tank with “We Are All Magical Beings” on the back, and a Relaxed Graphic Ragland Crew with a rainbow version of the Levi’s® sports logo on the front and a small, embroidered “Equality Never Goes Out Of Style” on the back.

In support of this collection, Levi’s® makes an annual $100,000 USD donation to OutRightAction International, a global organisation working to advance human rights for LGBTQIA+ people all over the world.

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