Infusing sustainable joy into self-care

In recent years self-care has gone from being a chore to a loving experience to celebrate and take care of our bodies.

With a commitment to transforming self-care into a fun and magical experience, Anihana has a mission to make every day a celebration of wellbeing.

This Aoteroa brand not only brings smiles to your face but also to the planet, emphasising the importance of joyful, eco-conscious living.

Anihana understands that the way we take care of ourselves greatly influences our mood and happiness. By infusing fun into self-care rituals, Anihana helps you create moments of relaxation and bliss in your daily life. They’re passionate about producing body and hair care products that bring happiness to their customers with every use.

One of Anihana’s latest innovations, their Feel-Good Soaps, shows their commitment to joy-infused self-care. These soaps feature positive messages debossed into their luxurious lather, making your daily shower a happier experience.

Crafted with hydrating coconut oil and cocoa butter, these soaps not only cleanse but also pamper your skin, leaving you smiling for more than one reason.

At the heart of the Anihana mission is a deep commitment to protecting Papatūānuku, the Earth. Their sustainable practices are evident in every aspect of their business. They use home-compostable packaging and vegetable inks, minimising their environmental footprint. Their waterless products reduce the unnecessary shipment of water across the globe. From product development to operations, Anihana strives to make eco-conscious choices, ensuring that their products reach shelves and homes with minimal environmental impact.

The dedication to their brand values also extends to their choice of ingredients and scents. They prioritise safe, ethically sourced ingredients that reflect their commitment to both people and the planet. Each product boasts carefully chosen aromas designed to cater to your needs, no matter your mood – think Mango Passion, Berry Vanilla and Lavender Love, how wonderful!

Engage your senses, elevating self-care to new heights and making it a multisensory experience – all without compromising your values.

Join Anihana on their journey towards sustainable joy by visiting their colourful store online www.anihanalife.com. Follow them on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook and discover a world where every moment of wellbeing is a cause for celebration.

Anihana – Where joy meets sustainability, and self-care becomes a delightful adventure.

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