How to crochet a produce bag

This is what you need to help the environment: a crochet hook, cotton yarn and about three hours of TV.

Words and photography: Magdalena Smolira

What you’ll need:

For an apple bag

  • 1.5mm crochet hook
  • A ball of no.8 mercerised cotton (10g = 87m)
  • Some easy to tie string

The bag weighs 10g and holds up to 2kg of produce.

For a potato bag

  • 2mm crochet hook
  • About 70m of no.4 mercerised cotton
  • A shoe lace

The bag weighs 20g and holds up to 4kg of produce.

Skills needed

  • Chain
  • Slip stich
  • Single crochet (USA) / double crochet (UK)


It is simply a doily! A produce bag, which is capable of preventing harm to marine wildlife and birds, is just a simple doily that our grandmothers used to make.

Let’s start

Chain six (ch6)
Slip stitch into the first chain to form a ring. (sl st into ch1)
Chain 2 in order to pick up the height (ch 2). These two chain stitches are as tall as the double crochet stitches that will follow.
Start working double crochet stitches into the ring.
The more double crochet stitches you make, the wider the bag will be. Between 18 and 26 is the optimum number (dc 18 to 26).
After making the last double crochet stitch you need to close the base of your doily bag by working a slip stitch into the second chain of the initial two chain bit (sl st into ch 2).
Now the base round is done. You can now start building the body of your bag. Chain 9 (ch 9).
Make 1 single crochet (sc 1) in each gap between the double crochet stitches of the base.
By working single crochet stitches in-between the double crochets instead of into them, like you would for a doily, you make the bag stronger.
Continue chain 9 single crochet 1 (ch 9 sc 1) until the end of the round.
You should now have a little flower.
Second round of loops has to start at the top of loop one of the first round. Slip stitch into each of the first four chain stitches of the first loop of round one (sl st 4).
Make 1 single crochet (sc 1) into the top of the loop. This stitch is an anchor for the first loop of the second round of loops and makes the bag stronger.
Chain 9 to start the next round.
Single crochet into the top of the next loop.
Repeat chain 9 single crochet 1 until the end of the round (ch 9 sc 1).
Slip stitch into the single crochet anchor in the first loop and into the next four chain stitches of this loop (sl st 5).
Then make one single crochet at the top of this loop to be the anchor of the next round of loops (sc 1).
Make as many rounds as desired for the size of the bag you want. Between 15 and 18 is usually enough. A bag that is too long will be awkward to use as it may twist like a stocking when only half filled.
In the last round of loops make four chain stitches instead of nine (ch 4 sc 1).
The final row is the same as first one. Chain 2 to pick up the height and double crochet into the last row of loops. It doesn’t matter how many double crochets you make as long as they are evenly spaced (ch 2 dc up to you).
Join the last double crochet with the second chain of the 2 chain bit.
Cut off the yarn and pull it through the last stitch. Almost there!
Use the wool needle to secure both ends of the yarn.
Weave the shoelace or the smooth piece of string through the last round of double crochet stitches and tie the knot.
Happy shopping!
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