Hello nature!

Try these tips for reconnecting with nature on the daily.

1. Leave your phone at home if you head out for a walk, or tuck it away into your bag when you’re walking from your car to your workplace, in order to look around at the flowers, trees and sky. 

2. Nurture a plant either inside or outside your home – or start a vege garden. Watching it grow will have you appreciate and understand its environment more. You’ll also feel a part of something and gain a sense of achievement from it too. Go to good.net.nz/garden for more planting ideas.

3. If you live close to a beach, take a detour before or after work to view the waves and take in the breeze.

4. Take microbreaks during work – when getting a glass of water or having morning tea, take a few minutes to get outside and walk around your building at work, or take a minute to observe nature out of the window.

5. Join a walking group that meets a few times a week. You’ll gain a sense of participation as well as being more motivated if you’re getting out with others and not just on your own. 

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