Good loves: in-season lipstick colours

Last season we saw the return of the deliciously decadent berry lip, which will only continue in its popularity over the autumn and winter months ahead, but brown is the new statement shade of the season! 

Think grounded, burnt wood browns which remind Karen Murrell of her early 20’s working on the cosmetic counter at Smith and Caughey’s. Pamela Anderson had heavily influenced the trend of a darker brown lip pencil to outline a lighter brown lip colour with a frosted metallic accent, and the Kardashians who are living an ode to all our favourite 90’s trends at the moment, have ensured that this lip is the new lip of 2021. 

Karen Murrell’s 21 Fiery Ruby, 22 Bordeaux Rouge and 24 Haute Boheme are predicted top sellers as we move into Autumn. 21 Fiery Ruby is a bold terracotta, this fierce red lipstick is glamorous and versatile, making it perfect for any occasion. 22 Bordeaux Rouge provides an intense, deep berry and is a regal, opulent lip colour that will command attention, and 24 Haute Boheme is a warm metallic bronze, proving a touch of luxurious glamour wherever you go – day and night. 

21 Fiery Ruby
22 Bordeaux Rouge
24 Haute Boheme

Even better, you can explore, select, and try these lipstick shades from the comfort of your own home, thanks to Karen Murrell’s Virtual Powder Room.

With the recent pandemic-related increase in online shopping as well as customers avoiding the need to try in-store testers, virtual lipstick testing is the perfect solution!

The Virtual Powder Room

Find out more about the Virtual Powder Room here.

Karen Murrell lipsticks are made from the finest natural and nourishing ingredients, including avocado and evening primrose oils, candelilla, carnauba wax, cinnamon and sweet orange to treat your lips with every application. Even natural pigments are used, and the lipsticks are free from parabens, coal tar, carmine, mineral oils and triclosan.

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