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Meet the guys behind Sinch, the e-bike that everyone’s talking about.

It’s fair to say Kim Struthers and Stephen James know a bit about bikes. Both have worked in the cycling industry for more than two decades. Struthers’ father, John, created the Avanti bike brand in the 1980s, and James is a former New Zealand representative rider.

Combining their experience and starting with a blank piece of paper, the pair have co-created Sinch, a range of quality, aesthetically pleasing bikes at great value. Each model has a comfortable seat, ergonomically designed hand grips and is equipped with a Shimano mid-drive motor and components. The top speed of 32kmph can be lowered for learners, then readjusted as riding confidence increases, and travel distance is an impressive 150 kilometres on a single charge.

The other obvious yet revolutionary innovation is how Struthers and James have enhanced the customer experience in bicycle showrooms. Thirty stores nationwide now have a Sinch Experience Centre where customers can take a bike for a test ride, which ultimately sees them return with an e-bike smile, “because it’s fun, it’s all about the experience”, says Struthers.

All Sinch bikes are pedal assist, not throttle, which can be unsafe. “They are still a bike, just a bike with assistance,” says James. “Riding an e-bike is just like riding a bike but better. It’s bringing cycling to more people and widening the audience because you’re able to go further. Some people call e-bikes cheating but we think it’s actually just making it more accessible.”

It’s great for getting kids away from devices, as well as enabling longer rides to interesting destinations. “You can go further, faster and easier. New Zealand is such a beautiful country and there are now so many cool cycle trails,” says Struthers. “I also love the freedom, and just getting out in nature clears your head.”

It’s a feeling James knows only too well having done track as well as road racing in the past. Now he likes nothing better than to take an e-bike for a ride. “It’s just a nice way of exercising and you see things you don’t see from a car. You get that refreshed feeling, and also a bit of adrenaline if you
do a quick downhill because it’s exciting.”

And what they have created with Sinch comes back to their shared love of bikes.

The unisex Jaunt model has an upright riding position and easy step-through frame which makes for easy mounting and dismounting.

The Rush has been designed as an urban commuter suited to point-to-point riding around the city while the Mode and Mode Womens bikes are suited to on or off-road riding. The women’s version has specific geometry to make it a more comfortable ride. All bikes are customised to suit the individual’s riding style before they leave the shop.

It’s fair to say “it’s a Sinch” and a perfect play on the word. 

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