Feeding furry families with Royal Canin


Backed by science, Royal Canin’s tailored food for cats and dogs ensures your pets are fed the absolute best to suit their breed and lifestyle.

We all want the best for our family – pets included – right down to ensuring they eat healthy, balanced diets. The health and wellbeing of every single family pet is the sole focus of Royal Canin. Since 1968, it has provided tailored, science-backed, nutritious food for cats and dogs to ensure they get all the nutrients they need at every stage of their lives.

Entrenched in its vision are its core values of deep understanding and sustainability. Royal Canin has a team of veterinarians on staff and continuously collaborates with leading experts in the veterinary and animal behaviour world to ensure it is providing exactly what pets need, no matter their lifestyle. It also keeps the sustainability of people and the planet in mind when creating its formulations. It uses 100 per cent sustainable fish and seafood, is consistently working to improve its carbon and water footprint, and since 2015, all of its factories have been “zero waste to landfill”.

Innovation plays a key role in the production of Royal Canin’s food. It focuses less on ingredients and more on raw materials, so it’s always innovating when creating its foods to unearth and utilise the most beneficial materials possible. It has a goal of introducing materials that have a lower environmental impact, while still providing the top nutrition for your pets.

Understanding that the nutritional needs of cats and dogs can change depending on their size, breed, and lifestyle, Royal Canin has formulated a large range of pet foods that target specific characteristics. Its kitten food range provides for the solid-food needs of kittens from four to five weeks old right through to a year old. They can then switch to one of the adult cat formulations, which includes options for pure-breed cats, cats with specific care needs, senior cats, and cats with skin and food sensitivities.

Likewise, Royal Canin provides tailored foods for puppies up to one year old, adult dogs, and senior dogs. It also has a range for pure-breed dogs and a range designed to support and manage specific health issues alongside consultation with your veterinarian.

No matter the type of pet you have – and they are all completely unique in their attitudes, likes and dislikes, and lifestyle – Royal Canin has a formulation that is ideal for your fluffy flatmate.

Available at speciality pet retailers and veterinary clinics or via Royal Canin.


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