Eat My Lunch partners with Kellogg’s to combat food insecurity

By Good Magazine

May 28, 2020

Kellogg’s is now in partnership with Eat My Lunch to donate cereal and snacks, while also providing financial support. Eat My Lunch began in 2015, and has since provided more than 1.5 million lunches to New Zealand children in need over the past five years. Over the past 5 years, Kellogg’s NZ has provided over 614,000 serves of breakfast to the City Missions and, as of July this year, will be adding MorningStar Farms meals to their donations.

During the lockdown period, Kellogg’s also made Eat My Lunch’s COVID-19 Givealittle campaign possible: to keep providing New Zealand children with lunches while schools were closed. General Manager for Eat My Lunch, Kellie Burbidge says they couldn’t have done it without Kellogg’s.

“Kellogg’s’ contribution to our Givealittle campaign allowed us to Give 4,545 lunches to kids in their homes during lockdown. We know there will be even more need moving forward and the support of Kellogg’s is crucial for us to keep feeding hungry kids in NZ.”

The partnership will help Kellogg’s expand their breakfast club programme to support Auckland schools. The breakfast club ensures children arriving at school with an empty stomach are given food to fuel their brains. 

Kellogg’s General Manager for New Zealand and Director of Corporate Affairs for Australia and New Zealand, Tamara Howe says they are committed to fighting food insecurity, but they need to team up with powerhouses like Eat My Lunch to make it happen.

“Our new partnership with Eat My Lunch will help us take another step towards our mutual goal – to prevent children from attending school with hungry tummies, and making sure they have the energy to get the best out of their day.”

Recently, Kellogg’s has also made an immediate donation of 215,000 serves in cereal and snacks to Food Bank and OzHarvest in Australia and to the City Missions in New Zealand to help combat the increasing food insecurity experienced through the global pandemic. 

This is in addition to the company’s 3+ million serves of food it donates annually across multiple charities and breakfast giving programmes. 

To donate a lunch to a Kiwi kid in need, check out Eat My Lunch’s website. For every meal you order, another is given to a child who needs food to fuel their day.

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