Give yourself a #DrawerDetox

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Clean out your beauty products and create a capsule of conscious products.

When we pack for a weekend away the clothes that end up in the overnight bag tend to be the ones that we reach for every other day. A capsule wardrobe that works for us by making us look and feel good.

The same can be said for our bathroom beauty cabinet and make-up drawer. We use the favourites while other products sit at the back of the cupboard or at the bottom of the drawer, unused and mostly forgotten. And they stay there because usually we invested good money buying them, plus we are not wasteful creatures so we’re reluctant to part with them.

Well, don’t feel guilty anymore because there are many good reasons for a drawer detox, and winter – a time when we spend more time indoors – is a great opportunity to declutter.

It may surprise you but the average woman uses around 16 beauty products every day. That might seem like a lot but when you think about what goes into an effective skincare routine and then add on make-up, it quickly adds up.

Research also reveals that the average woman owns eight times more make-up than she actually uses. There are bathrooms everywhere chocka full of unused products that aren’t serving any purpose. Is yours one of them? And how many products do you actually use on a daily or weekly basis? And are all of the products in your bathroom still safe and effective?

Time for a Drawer Detox 

This got us thinking and inspired Good to team up with Arbonne to set a #DrawerDetox challenge. Here’s our guide of what to look out for: 

Begin by removing any products that:

· Have passed their expiry date (active ingredients are very rarely active post-this date).

· Are never used (when was the last time you actually used that mask or lippy?).

· Aren’t pure, safe and beneficial to the skin.

· Bonus points given if you can remove any items that aren’t cruelty-free too.

Offer friends and colleagues first dibs on unwanted items. The lip or foundation colour might not work for you but could look fabulous on them. Plus, it saves it from going into landfill.

The next step is to think like you do when you pack for that trip by replacing the clutter with a ‘capsule cupboard’ of effective, targeted products that meet your skincare and beauty needs.

Here’s where Arbonne can help. Its line of skincare and cosmetics contain botanically-based ingredients that are also scientifically tested and 100 per cent cruelty-free.

Pure. Safe. Beneficial.™ 

It’s not just what Arbonne puts into its products that makes them great, it’s also what Arbonne products are formulated without. By adhering to a strict NØT ALLØWED List™ of 2,000 ingredients that won’t be found in any products and integrating the most beneficial botanical ingredients from nature with the principles of green chemistry – Arbonne crafts products with integrity, expertise and innovation.

Wellbeing expert and Good magazine’s wellness columnist Rachel Grunwell says being beautiful can be simplified too. 

“Beauty can be influenced by what you eat, your beliefs and behaviours, your authentic kindness… to the curve of your smile. Using quality products that are in harmony with your skin can be an absolute game-changer. I recommend people be mindful of the chemical load that they put on their skin. What they put on the outside of their skin really does matter.”

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