Your Inside-Out Guide To Clean Beauty


Having healthy skin from the inside out is on the top of our self-care checklist, but what does that actually look like? Responsible retailer HealthPost has created a FREE eBook for you to download – Clean Beauty: Your Inside-Out Guide.

Written by Naturopath and Cosmetic Chemist Liz McNamara, it’s packed with holistic skincare tips, skin-loving recipes, and much more so you can feel your best.

Taking care of your skin from the inside

A consistent skincare regime is beneficial for healthy, happy skin – and taking care of our wellbeing can better support our skin’s health from the inside out.

Eating well, staying hydrated, working out, and taking care of gut health, are all essential for that healthy inner glow.

Hydration is the hero

Our bodies are made up of between 60-80% water, depending on our age. When we stay hydrated, we provide our skin cells with the nutrition it needs to thrive.

Other than water – herbal teas, soups, and fruits and vegetables with a high water content are great ways to stay hydrated – and remember, this doesn’t include caffeine or alcohol which tend to strip your body of water.

Look to drink 30ml per kg of body weight, each day.

Applaud Antioxidants

Antioxidant foods such as berries, rich colourful vegetables, and even dark chocolate, are great food sources to include in your diet if you’re looking to support skin health.

Studies tell us that foods high in antioxidants help to prevent oxidative stress that occurs in daily life. They’re also a fantastic source of collagen, keeping skin supple and plump.

Opt for Omega Oils

Essential fatty acids such as Omega Oils are an optimal choice for supporting good hydration levels in the skin.

Because our bodies can’t produce Omega on their own, look for fatty acids in your diet instead. You can find this in foods like mussels, fish, lamb, hemp seeds and walnuts.

Support sound sleep

Getting enough beauty sleep is vital for our skin health. Sleep plays an important role in restoring and renewing our cells, and not getting enough can lead to dehydrated skin and dark under eye circles.

Say goodbye to stress

Stress affects many components of our skin. When we’re burdened by stress, our skin health suffers and can even become inflamed. When this happens, our bodies produce oxidative radicals which lead to increased skin ageing.  

We know managing stress levels through meditation or mindfulness practices is important for overall wellness, and it may help the appearance of our skin too.

Embrace exercise

Working out is one of the best ways you can take care of your skin. It’s responsible for getting blood pumping, as well as getting nutrients in and out of cells.

With just 30 minutes of exercise each day, you can help slow down the process of ageing and feel good about it too.

Taking care of our skin on the outside

Looking after how we feel on the outside, is just as important as taking care of what’s within. When we have a reliable skincare routine in place, we can better support our beauty goals. We all need some extra TLC right about now – and a nourishing skincare ritual is a lovely self-care box to tick.

A well-rounded skincare ritual includes:

Choosing the right products depends highly on your skin type.

Whether your skin is oily, dry, balanced, or a combination of all, look for options that are clean, nourishing, and better for our planet. And that’s where HealthPost’s strict ingredient standards are here to help.

You can shop with confidence knowing every product is naturopath-approved and free from harmful ingredients.

Want to learn more about clean beauty, and get healthy skin from the inside out? Download HealthPost’s FREE guide: Clean Beauty: Your Inside-Out Guide to achieving that inner and outer glow.

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