Christmas gifts that keep on giving


Struggling for meaningful gift ideas? Here’s five under $100!  

Many of us have already queued outside the stores with our face masks on, two metres away from the eager shopper in front of us, ready to fill our trolley with Christmas presents. 

Did you know that in the week after Christmas, New Zealanders send 50,000 extra tonnes of waste to landfills! 

Have you ever given or received a gift that wasn’t wanted or needed? 

If the answer is yes, how about giving a Christmas gift with a difference? 

One that you don’t have to go to the mall for, is well within your budget, helps someone living in poverty overseas, won’t end up in a landfill, and is a gift your family and friends will love.

Tearfund’s Gift for Life is a charity catalogue filled with unique and meaningful gift ideas, that align with your values. 

You pick a gift; we send you a card and your gift will help a family living in poverty.

The perfect way to honour your loved one, while also helping someone in need. Let’s look at the three most popular Gift for Life gifts, plus two new ones that have been added this year. There are 17 gifts to choose from!

I bet you never thought you’d buy someone in your family a chicken!

Your donation on behalf of a loved one can help give families a healthy start. 

Eggs can provide protein for meals, and the surplus can earn an income. With more income, basic needs can be met. 

A goat is an effective way to help reduce the vulnerability of people in low-income countries.

Goat’s milk can also be made into cheese and is a nutritious boost to the family’s diet.

The extra milk and cheese can be sold to increase the family’s income. This helps to cover their expenses.

Why not feed the hungry this Christmas? 

Poor nutrition triggers a vicious cycle of disease and undernutrition in small children. 

Sadly, about 45 per cent of deaths among children under five are linked to undernutrition. 

Your gift helps provide breastfeeding and nutritional support to new mums in Kutupalong refugee camp in Bangladesh. 

After a brutal civil war, dairy farming helped restore livelihoods for Sri Lankan families and continues to lift many out of poverty today.

This gift helps provide animal care and mobile veterinary services for a dairy farmer’s cows for a year.

Finally, you could give shelter to survivors of abuse. 

Your gift helps protect homeless women and children in Afghanistan from exploitation and abuse by providing a safe and supportive place for them to stay.

Your donation provides emergency shelter, nutritious meals, medical help and counselling for women and children in crisis until longer-term solutions can be secured.  

For a full range of our gifts click here.

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