Cheese straws

A fun and playful alternative to a cheesy snack that can be made and shared amongst family and friends. Did we mention they are delicious? 

Recipe Sarah Adams. Photography Amanda Reelick

This mixture can be rolled, twisted or cut to make many fun shapes 

225g plain flour
100g butter finely cubed
½ tsp salt (large pinch)
tsb Colemans’ mustard
1tsp baking powder (optional)
Generous cup of grated cheese (we use edam + sometimes a little parmesan) 
Chilled water to bring the mixture together 

Mix flour baking powder, salt & mustard into the flour. Rub finely cubed butter into the flour until resembles breadcrumbs, stir through the cheese and add just enough chilled water to bring the mixture together – knead lightly and press into a flat shape – wrap and chill for half an hour (can be made the day before).

Roll into sheets approximately 5mm thick. Cut into shapes. Cook at 180 to 200 degrees for approximately 10 minutes or until golden – watching closely to make sure they don’t burn. Add fillings or toppings if desired. Sandwich an array of fillings (Marmite, red or green pesto) between two layers; sprinkle with sesame seeds for extra flavour, or cayenne pepper for extra zing. This mixture keeps for a good two weeks – if it doesn’t get gobbled up first! 

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