Changing the face of sunscreen

With more than one million sunscreen items purchased each year in New Zealand, Goodbye is changing the face of sunscreen with its certified natural, water-free sunscreen that comes in a refillable packaging system, without plastic tubes or bottles.

The proudly owned New Zealand company has developed a certified natural sunscreen, Goodbye Sun Balm, that provides full coverage and protects skin year-round.

The soothing, antioxidant-rich formula with hints of chocolate, peppermint, and coconut oils, can be safely used on lips, eyelids, faces and hands every day.

Goodbye Sun Balm SPF50 can also be used as a moisturiser and provides a luxurious clear coverage that stays put even with sweat or water.

As former outdoor guides, Goodbye founders Becky Cashman and John Sanderson know that hard adventures and the outdoors can be tough on our skin. Ultraviolet rays, which are a type of invisible radiation, are present all year round, even in the winter months, and we all know how harmful New Zealand’s sun can be.

“The waterless formula is high performance and water resistant, which means it doesn’t run into eyes and will keep you protected even when you are in the water for up to two hours,” says Cashman.

The sunscreen also comes in various sizes providing options for all occasions, including an on-the-go pocket size perfect for day packs, hikes and picnics. The refillable tins are not only a better environmental choice, they are also leakproof, small, light and handy for carrying anywhere.

Cashman and Sanderson have been working hard since 1999 to personally formulate natural, down-to-earth products, including Sun Balm which is a certified natural, water-free sunscreen, SPF50 and safe.

The sunscreen also comes in various sizes providing options for all occasions.

Goodbye’s Sun Balm ingredients have been selected for their skin benefits. Rich organic oils and butters provide skin soothing, moisture control and antioxidant richness. The Sun Balm sunscreen also meets the ASNZ 2604:2012 sunscreen standard, which includes broad spectrum coverage.

The Goodbye team proudly protect what they love, teaming up with organisations such as ‘One Percent for the Planet’. Becky and John say they are committed to “dedicating at least 1% of our annual sales turnover to approved not-for-profit organisations working on behalf of the planet. In tying our giving to our turnover, we have baked this into our business model, regardless of profit.”

Their Sustainable Sunscreen Starter Kit offers an introduction to their high-performance sunscreen with a refillable system, helping to reduce the copious amount of plastic tubes and bottles in our environment. Goodbye offers a reusable tin for their sunscreens, so you are not only saving your money, but also saving the planet.

Due to their combination of product quality and safety, along with providing alternatives to plastic packaging, Goodbye is a recommended sunscreen provider in Yachting New Zealand’s recently established Clean Club Guidelines.

Goodbye is delighted to be working alongside several clubs to help them with Learn to Sail programs, regattas and fulfilling their health and safety needs in the most sustainable way possible.

“Our message is that outdoors is beautiful, powerful, healing and fun,” says Becky.

Sun Balm was the official sunscreen of the 49er, 49erFX, Nacra17 Sailing World Championships in December 2019 held in New Zealand. This regatta was a Sailor for the Sea event, which required consideration of every aspect in environmental impact and waste minimisation, including the choice of sunscreen.

“Our message is that outdoors is beautiful, powerful, healing and fun,” says Becky.

Goodbye have a kind offer for Good readers. When you add an item to your cart you receive a free Sun Balm Tin with any purchase, so you can continue to refill your sunscreen without putting more plastics into our environment. Follow the link here for your free tin with your first purchase.

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