Celebrating 45 years of Flavourful Organics 

This year Chantal Organics is celebrating 45 years of organic business in New Zealand. All these years later, and they are still driven by the same passion to fuel families and protect the planet.

This innovative Kiwi brand is taking a moment to reflect on where they started, how they’ve evolved, and where they are heading, as well as recognise all of their team members, past and present, who have contributed to the company’s journey.

Looking back to 1978 with a hint of nostalgia, a group of Hawke’s Bay families shared a common passion and vision for healthier food and better lives for their families. They formed a co-operative to source organic, natural whole foods that were not readily available on supermarket shelves.

The co-op eventually transformed into a business, and in 1983, Napier’s first independent natural food store, named Chantal, was established. As the demand for organic wholefoods grew, so did Chantal Organics. In 1999, their first warehouse was opened, sourcing organic foods from around the world and distributing them throughout New Zealand.

In 2010, Chantal Organics moved into a purpose-built facility, with a dedicated team producing a diverse range of organic products. Chantal Shop, located in the heart of Napier, remains a bustling and beloved retail store with a strong community presence.

Fast forward 45 years, and Chantal Organics is still headquartered in Napier, now powered by solar energy. They produce certified organic, award-winning granolas and spreads, all while providing wholesale organic ingredients nationwide.

As part of their mission to support organics, their Auckland-based produce department delivers fresh organic produce across the nation. They source produce from local organic growers and support conventional farmers in their transition to becoming certified organic.

Chantal Organics maintains a deep commitment to improving the world, leading the way by advocating for sustainable and organic farming to safeguard the planet and nourish its people. From day one, their mission has been to make organics accessible to Kiwi communities. What started at the grassroots level has expanded to reach a wider audience, making quality organics available to all New Zealanders through various channels.

Today, Chantal Organics takes pride in unleashing the genius of nature. Their range of delicious and nutritious foods makes it easy for consumers to enjoy the unmatched goodness and taste of organic food, always free from preservatives and GMOs.

Chantal Organics expresses enormous gratitude to their loyal consumers, saying it has been a pleasure to provide delicious, organic, and healthy food to them and their families for 45 years. They firmly believe that in today’s world, organics represent climate action, and together, positive change is possible.

For anyone who appreciates great food, Chantal Organics encourages checking out their inspiring collection of recipes for healthy and delicious eating habits on their website at www.chantalorganics.co.nz as well as on Instagram and Facebook.

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