Become a botanical alchemist and learn how to work with natural aroma and flavour

Step into the lab with Jill Mulvaney and her team to learn the art of aromatic distilling and working with botanicals to produce your own essential oils, hydrosols and botanical spirits.

The Alembics Lab is an online learning space created by Jill Mulvaney, founder of Alembics New Zealand – an industry-leading distillation and extraction business. The goal of The Alembics Lab is to show people just how accessible it is to distil yourself, starting what’s readily available around you.

The Alembics Lab team have been teaching distillation and extraction workshops for over 15 years, and have more than 25 years’ experience working with plants and aromatics.

In these immersive online courses, you’ll discover the techniques of hydro, steam and alcohol distillation, and explore the exciting world of botanical distillation and extraction for flavour, health and wellbeing.

If using natural, organic fragrance and flavour are important to you, and you really care about where your products come from, then sourcing and making them for yourself is a great place to start. It’s also much easier than you think. The Alembics Lab can show you how, and you can start small, with what you have around you in your garden and in your local environment. You’ll not only learn the techniques but also be guided on correct plant identification, sustainable harvesting, responsible foraging and expanding your knowledge of New Zealand natives.  

The Alembics Lab’s courses are fun and accessible. You can learn all these techniques in the comfort of your own home. You can begin with one of the three foundation courses – Distilling Hydrosol, Essential Oil and Alcohol – or get a discount with the foundation course bundle.

Lead instructor Jill Mulvaney is also the product developer behind many award-winning NZ and Australian gins. So if gin is your thing, then the Gin Immersion course will teach you the secrets of creating your own bespoke blends.

The courses are designed for anyone who wants to learn how to distil at home, or in their business or practice – science with a touch of alchemy.

Whether you’re just getting started and need some guidance on which still to use and setting up your workspace, or if you are already distilling and need some new directions to explore, The Alembics Lab will inspire your journey.

As more people realise the benefits of using natural, sustainably sourced organic aromatic products at home and in businesses, interest in making these products has surged, leaving the lab unable to keep up with demand for their in-person workshops. The result, a range of online courses that make you feel like you are actually inside the Lab, learning alongside the experts.   

These courses are immersive, where you’re part of a distillation from the start to finish, including detailed course notes and opportunities to ask your instructor questions in the interactive class forums.

Since these courses are on demand, you can begin straight away, learn how you like, and you also have lifetime access. And, you’ll be joining a vibrant and growing community.

Since all forms of distillation were legalised in New Zealand in 1996, Aotearoa has become a world-leader in artisan distilling, and a hive of innovation and invention. This is the first learning space to offer both botanical and alcohol distillation courses under the same roof, as all of these techniques are essential for aromatic work.  

This is your invitation to come inside The Alembics Lab! It’s never been easier or more accessible to learn how to work with aromatics. 

Learn more about The Alembics Lab and their practical online courses here: www.thealembicslab.com  

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