Allbirds’ revolutionary material set to bring systematic change to the footwear industry

Allbirds is having quite the week: announcing its revolutionary new material, product and very famous investor.

Allbirds has just announced its revolutionary new material, SweetFoam™, the world’s first green-EVA made from renewable sugar cane. SweetFoam™ is a proprietary sole material, preventing the need for EVA, the incredibly polluting petroleum-based plastic foam in which most shoe soles are made from.

As a certified B Corp with a focus on making better things in a better way, Allbirds were never been satisfied with the options at hand, because they never met the brand’s high standards for comfort and sustainability. So they decided to take matters into their own hands. 

Two years in the making, SweetFoam™ is made with carbon negative green-EVA, derived from renewable sugarcane. The highly efficient crop grows in dense, rain-fed fields in Southern Brazil with minimal fertiliser, and is processed in facilities that are run entirely on renewable power, amounting to the world’s first carbon negative EVA.

SweetFoam™ will not only be rolled out across the entire Allbirds portfolio, but the brand is making their renewable green EVA technology available to other companies – the first step at bringing systemic change to the footwear industry.

To demonstrate the comfort of SweetFoam™ in its purest form, Allbirds have launched its Sugar Zeffers ($60), inspired by Japanese-style flip flops, available in four colourways and released on August 1. Consumers even have the option of mixing and matching the straps ($26).

Along with this exciting new launch, Allbirds is thrilled to announce Academy Award-winning actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio as a new investor.   

ays Allbirds co-founder Tim Brown, “we’ve got a long way to go. This was never about just wool or just shoes. There’s a bigger thing at play, there’s a bigger problem to solve, and I feel like with the introduction of SweetFoam™ we’re really gaining momentum around that.”

For more on SweetFoam™, Allbirds’ new Sugar Zeffers and its newest, arguable most famous investor, visit

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