A fitness experience using electro muscle stimulation

For those that are time poor and in need of an efficient workout, electro muscle stimulation could be for you! We find out more about this innovative training method by talking to fu/nis, Auckland’s boutique electro muscle training studio.

With over one third of Kiwis concerned about the health and wellbeing of themselves and others during the current climate – and one in five concerned about New Zealand maintaining good hygiene – fu/nis provides a safe and clean environment where Kiwis can continue to incorporate beneficial exercise into their weekly routine. 

Electro muscle stimulation (EMS) training is a unique form of strength training that takes just 20 minutes to deliver a highly effective workout. Low-frequency electric impulses activate up to 90 per cent of the body’s muscles during the 20-minute session, resulting in a high-intensity workout that equates to 90 minutes in the gym in a third of the time. 

Ideal for those looking to maintain a work/life balance – with one or two 20-minute sessions per week all it takes to improve physical and mental wellbeing – the studio’s move to O’Connell Street makes it an ideal lunchtime destination for those working in or close to the CBD, who want optimum results in a fraction of the time. 

An illustration of a woman working out using electro muscle stimulation

The O’Connell Street studio has a capacity of training only two people at a time for a truly private and non-judgemental experience. Sessions are available by appointment for members to build EMS into their daily rhythms. Everything from water to towels are included with the session, meaning guests can show up to train with nothing but themselves. 

fu/nis is one of only two EMS studios in New Zealand, and the only of its kind in Auckland. Health benefits include being stronger, weight loss, improved toning, posture and back pain relief, and better mental health. 

Founder and managing director Catrina Kuehler says 20 minutes of EMS breaks all preconceptions of a personal training experience and offers benefits both mentally and physically, and the team welcomes newcomers with the move. 

“With the new studio located on O’Connell Street it’s even easier to pop in for a 20-minute workout, and yet another reason to give it a go! As we provide everything from the gear, to water, to towels, you’re in and out in 30 minutes, having achieved a complete workout. Each session is also guided by an experienced Personal EMS Trainer who ensures you are challenged every time.”

“We look forward to welcoming Aucklanders to our new training space so they can improve their health whilst easily balancing exercise with all of life’s other commitments in a safe and socially-distanced format.” 

The individualised nature of EMS training makes it suitable for anyone from beginners, to those recovering from injuries, to athletes looking to strengthen performance in other sporting areas. 

fu/nis EMS studio is located on the corner of O’Connell Street and Shortland Street, Auckland CBD. For more information or to book a session, visit funis-emstraining.co.nz.

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