Giving happiness

By Good Magazine

March 19, 2018

Tuesday March 20 marks International Day of Happiness and thanks to a St. Kevin’s Arcade florist, K’Rd in Auckland will be more colourful than usual, and city commuters more cheerful as a result. 

In honour of the UN International Day of Happiness on March 20, Rosie of Rose Tinted and her team will be spreading a little joy in the morning, handing out free flowers to weary city commuters. 

“Everyone immediately lights up around flowers,” Rosie says. “The different colours and fragrances are an immediate sensory experience.” 

Science supports this with a survey conducted by Rutgers University showing flowers elicit true happiness and elevated mood in 100 per cent of the people who receive them as measured by ‘the Duchenne smile’.

Furthermore, research by Harvard showed that if people are around flowers even for just a few days they feel less stressed, more compassionate, more energetic and happier in general.

Tuesday is a good opportunity to snag a couple of freebies but Rosie also has an in-bloom floral subscription service for a year-round boost, and creates bouquets for weddings, occasions, events or retail installations. You can too of course just pop in to her retail stores for an on the spot arrangement of fresh cut stems. 

Rose Tinted Flowers is in St Kevin’s Arcade and Ponsonby Central. 

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