5 tips to banish your addiction to perfection

Whangaparaoa business coach Natalie Tolhopf left her well-paid corporate job to start up her coaching business five years ago. She has now penned the guide for modern, high achieving women in business. In Allergic to Perfect, ex-chef Natalie details her journey through two failed businesses, about of burnout and Bell’s Palsy and her emergence out the other side to run a six-figure business. 

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘‘done is better than perfect”.

Well, that doesn’t sit well when you are someone who loves all the things to be just that PERFECT.

You can’t fake success when your perfection is getting in the way and burnout is creeping its way into your life.

Does this sound like you?

You worry you haven’t done enough for a client or at work so you recheck your work and do a ‘free’ extra for them?

You keep tweaking that presentation just a little bit more, more research, more..more…more!

You have a great idea, website, art piece, book but it isn’t quite perfect yet….

So you beat yourself up and think you aren’t good enough….and so the cycle continues.

Here are my five tips to help you to banish your addiction to perfect:

There’s no such thing as perfect

The great news is, there is no such thing as perfect. Think about it, have you ever actually met someone who is perfect (in REAL LIFE, not in fake Instagram/Facebook land)?

Real-life is not perfect – so why do you think you need to be?

Let’s work on putting that burden down together. You will progress, grow and succeed so much faster without carrying it – trust me.

You Can’t Be Everyone’s Cup Of Tea

What does the perfect cuppa look like? Black with three sugars, super milky with no sugar? Herbal? Or maybe you prefer coffee!

When it comes to tea, everyone has a different view of what perfect cup tastes like. So, why would it be any different with people?

Perfect is different for everyone, so stop wasting your time trying to second guess and conform to what you think other people want. Instead, do what only you can do – be the best, most authentic, imperfect you.

Ditch The Ball And Chain And Stop Procrastinating

There’s a reason why you procrastinate, can’t start new projects, can’t finish existing projects, and feel so damned stuck. I know it’s holding you back, and so do you. You are so scared to fail that you handicap yourself or create excuses to not even try.

If you don’t try, you can’t fail, right?

But guess what… if you don’t try, you DEFINITELY can’t succeed either.

Done Is Better Than Perfect

Not sure how to process all this information? Still feel overwhelmed?

Calm your farm, there’s good news…

Imperfection is SO in. And it’s not going to go out of style

Imperfection means giving everything a go and not falling apart if it doesn’t go as planned. It means following your dreams and working through the obstacles messily, clumsily, but with resilience and self-belief. It means learning from your failures instead of letting them stop you in your tracks.

Natalie Tolhopf is a business coach and founder of Natalie Tolhopf Business coaching, helping business owners to smash through imperfection and mindless scrolling, to create a business of simplicity through action and intuition. Find out more at www.natalietolhopf.com.

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