Words and Photography by Angela Jamieson Track Notes There are several options to do this trail: Rocky Mountain Summit Track: 3 hr return, 7 km, 500 metres incline (moderate-hard) Diamond Lake Circuit Track: 45 min return, 2.5 km (easy) Diamond Lake Lookout: 1 hr return, 2 km (easy-moderate) Lake Wānaka Lookout:

Recipe by Eloise Head, photography by Faith Mason. Makes 64 pieces This is my all-time favourite fudge flavour. It’s sweet, creamy, salty and crumbly all at the same time. It just melts in your mouth with a burst of flavour. It only requires 5 ingredients and it’s

Recipe Phillppa Cameron, photography Lottie Hedley Serves 4-6 Have you got half a ham still left in the freezer from Christmas? Were you like me, and when you’d had enough you just bundled it up in an old bread bag and threw it in the freezer to

Tips, tricks and remedies that will change how you go about everyday tasks, for the better. 1. Sushi Seed Nursery Clear plastic sushi or salad ‘clamshell’ containers make great mini greenhouses for getting seeds started. Just poke a few vent holes in the lid, fill the bottom

You might not be able to get out into the veggie garden every day in winter – some particularly cold days are best spent indoors! But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some fresh, homegrown produce every day. While cool temperatures and frosts can slow down

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