Angus Allan travels deep into the heart of South Canterbury to find some of the country's most contented pigs Havoc Farm lies nestled at the foot of South Canterbury’s lush Hunters Hills. But it’s not just the setting that’s idyllic – Havoc is a completely free-range

Many of us put off trying to grow our own food because we don’t think we have the time. But here's a garden that even the ultra-busy can maintain. Many of us put off trying to grow our own food because we don’t think we have

A day spent picking your own fresh fruit makes for a delicious outing. How to: Pick your own 1. Call ahead to check availability, as supply can change on a daily basis 2. Avoid planning a PYO trip after a spate of bad weather – rain damages produce 3.

How to become a super-organiser If only we were more efficient organisers, we’d have the headspace to think more clearly, relax more easily – and be more creative. Good asks three super-organised women how it's done Photography Tony Brownjohn Styling Sally Fullam If we could clear the clutter

As each school morning rolls around we’re faced with the same dilemma – what to put in the kids’ lunch boxes. Here are 15 ideas for smart, healthy and litterless lunches A litterless lunch means once lunch is eaten, the only things left are compostable items,

New Zealand might have missed out on lakes of oil or mountains of diamonds, but there’s one natural resource we have by the bale load. Wool is one of the world’s oldest textiles as well as one of the most sustainable. Deirdre Coleman investigates the

For most of us, chocolate is another word for indulgence. We take a closer look at the beloved cocoa bean.  It’s our favourite sweet treat, afternoon pick-me-up or late-night indulgence. Even better, experts tell us that getting our dark chocolate fix is not only good for the heart,

Come winter’s chilly blasts, our attention turns indoors. Spend a while pottering in the kitchen for a scrumptious result. Salt and pepper perfect roast chicken This roast chicken recipe involves four steps over several days. This might sound like a bit of bother, but it’s worth it.

Entertaining littlies indoors can be a challenge. Clear some space on the table, gather together a selection of craft materials and get the kids started.  Here are five ideas to encourage creativity – and creative play – allowing you to sneak off for a well-deserved cuppa! \ Clowning around The idea of

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