New Zealand detached from the supercontinent Gondwana some 180 million years ago and set off on its own evolutionary adventure. Sculpted by volcanoes, glaciers and earthquakes, it was a bird land, isolated and unique. Over the last 700 years, paradise has slowly become paradise lost. Mammals arrived by ship;

Meditation is back, but it's no longer all about incense or sitting cross-legged for hours. Mindfulness is the technique that enables you to turn up for life as it happens and – as the research suggests – bestows a myriad of health benefits along the

The Ross Sea is a large bay of Antarctica located 3,500km south of New Zealand. It hasn't substantially changed since its discovery by humans in 1841. Fishing has the potential to transform all that.  The Ross Sea is home to the Antarctic toothfish, known on high-end restaurant menus

Considering some new habits? Polishing your halo has never been so simple with these easy tips for a better life. Buy new clothes But look for natural fibres such as silk, merino and Fairtrade or organic cotton. If exercise is a resolution of yours, invest in

Facing up to the facts – and some of the heroes who are working on solutions. There are those who’d have us believe there is no such thing as child poverty in New Zealand. Julie Chapman, co-founder and chief executive of KidsCan Charitable Trust, remembers one

Sometimes we have to climb a mountain to find ourselves. Epic adventurer and mountaineer Graeme Dingle reveals what he's discovered along the way. Graeme Dingle has seen four continents from their mountaintops, the Amazon river from a balsa wood raft and 28,000 kilometres of the Arctic

Four people who see the future as a blank canvas rather than a template to follow. I’ve always thought success is about finding more umbrellas than you lose. (Yes, sometimes it’s all about the tiny triumphs). There are many other definitions of success – corner office,

Ten must-have oils for good health and great skin Words Annabel McAleer. In a grungy student flat in the mid-90s, I was brainwashed by a bleach-blonde nutritionist. Her name was Susan Powter and her clarion call shrieked from the television: “Stop the insanity!” Fat was our enemy.

Eco expert Andy Kenworthy reveals what you need to know before you hit the shops Eco expert Andy Kenworthy reveals what you need to know before you hit the shops Why we love wood Wood can be one of the most eco-friendly materials to build with. As

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